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Nintendo Online Store: Refurbished Wii U With Nintendo Land And Super Mario 3D World $235


If you have yet to pick up a Wii U then now is the perfect time to do so as the Nintendo Online Store is currently selling a refurbished 32GB Wii U Deluxe along with Nintendo Land and Super Mario 3D World for $235. That’s a pretty good deal and it comes with a guarantee from Nintendo of America.

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64 thoughts on “Nintendo Online Store: Refurbished Wii U With Nintendo Land And Super Mario 3D World $235”

    1. Actually the fact that the system is all white should be in the title as well. Probably just an honest mistake by sickr

      1. I wouldn’t even care if I had to get the white Wii U instead of a deluxe edition (ignoring color preference) with a bundle like this. The deluxe has 32GB of storage, but you can get a USB stick for cheap that’s 64+GB. I guess… A charging cradle for the Gamepad is the only “exclusive thing” to the deluxe edition besides color, right? (Since the Digital Deluxe Promotion ended awhile ago.)

        1. A USB stick would be useless, they’re not made to be used as a constantly read device, it would wear out and fail really fast. You need a hard drive with a dedicated power source to expand the Wii U and ensure it’ll continue to work properly.

          1. You sir, are wrong.
            I’ve used a 128gig usb jumpdrive since launch, and it has failed Zero times.
            Don’t say shit you don’t know. The guy above you is absolutely right.

              1. I can’t believe I had Super Mario 3D World since Christmas, and I STILL haven’t played it yet (except for a few minutes with my niece several months ago).

                      1. The 3D Land levels are much smaller than the 3D World levels. Both are fun, but I agree, the World levels are much better and a lot harder towards the end. Also, the 3DL final battle feels anticlimactic.

                          1. Level design similarities, camera angle, world type setups, same character selection from Super Mario Bros. 2 and the already tried and true 4-player local from New Mario Bros. Wii? Yup. 3D World is so original in its class. :/

                                1. Then stay away from Mario Brothers. ;D
                                  Shots fired! Who will retaliate against me first!?

                                  1. Mario Bros. series is done actually. The original ended with a good big bang while the New needs to die NOW which is where Mario Maker comes in play..even though Nintendo is forcing $650+ worth of Amiibo-locked mini contents in a $60 game that stupidly delays it’s half-full package for another 9 days…

                                2. Super Mario 3D World is one pf the greatest games in the series. It was my first Wii U game (I no longer have it, though), and I strongly reccomend it to anyone looking to get a Wii U.

                                3. only got 3d world a month ago ITS GREAT get over the 2.5D nature of it and enjoy it gets better and better the further you go

                                  very accesable and fun

                                4. That is a great deal, but still.
                                  There are nice second-hand Wii-U’s + games on the internet for a lot less! So tbh I have no idea why someone should buy a refurbished version.
                                  And I don’t mean crap, I’ve seen a lot of people who bought it last Christmas, but there kids don’t like it. So they want to get rid of it for like 150 dollars.
                                  Today I even saw a still sealed Zombi-u-pack for $150.

                                    1. Only problem is I don’t believe the white model comes in 32gb. So yeah. Unless theyre pulling some extra special treatment to get rid of white models, that picture isn’t correct.

                                      1. It’s confirmed on their Nintendo’s online store site that the white model is indeed 32GB but it’s for a limited time but I also think that they’re trying to clear inventory for only the black models to be available since the white models apparently didn’t sell well

                                      2. Still not worth it for Nintendo’s betrayal on their loyal fan bases who have been patient and defending their BS for far too long just for more of the same fucking party and casual games.

                                            1. And you are still salty over Zelda Wii U being delayed and no Wii U version of a new Metroid………smh. Dude why don’t you just let it go and enjoy the other games that the Wii U will have to offer later on this year. Am I upset about Zelda Wii U being delayed and no Wii U version of a Metroid game? Hell yeah because I was anticipating those games but what’s done is done and there’s no sense in crying over spilled milk

                                              1. What other games that I haven’t already played before on the 3DS and the “new” IPs becoming a disappointment every time Nintendo lays out some BS on that game?

                                                As for Zelda, I just stopped caring. I knew it wasn’t gonna happen the second they delayed it. Besides, I can still enjoy Ocarina of Time that I already got for free.

                                                1. Im still salty, or peppery or nutmegish or whatever spice you wanna call it over Zelda U. That’s the main reason I don’t own a Wii U.

                                                2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                  >>>The same could be said of the games on the twin slave machines then since all they get is FPS and other shooting nonsense games every generation>>>

                                                  >>>But since you’re to blind to see anything, I’ll b expecting you to bash me and Nintendo while defending the other 2 worse empires>>>

                                                  1. What?

                                                    No one’s gonna bash Nintendo. Just like no one would drag jokes about the Boston shooting plot. Right COMMANDER?

                                                      1. Yah I was gonna say the same crap about you too bro! So funny how much in common we have, being both human and all. Roasted.

                                                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                          >>>You’re a 34 year old pothead that trolls on a Nintendo site 24/7, there is nothing more pathetic than that, period>>>

                                                          1. I dont know is what you saying true, but i think being a weeaboo would be far more pathetic than being a pothead. Rather would be high as fuck than being a loser fucking anime pillows……

                                                              1. Lolol. Man, you’re so good at that! More COMEDY! Come through my city bro, ill purchase some tickets then totally not show up! :D

                                                                Do the one about the Boston shooting plot joke, like you did that pissed everyone off (rightfully I might add).

                                                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                  >>>I couldn’t care less about your pointless human feelings, that whole human country is beyond salvation anyway>>>

                                                                  1. You care enough to keep coming back. ♥

                                                                    And really, that’s all that matters. You’re constant love for me. No touch though, keep back at least 3 feet please, ty.

                                                                    1. That was it?!?! That was your great comeback? !

                                                                      You’re getting soft bro. Well its been real, real stupid, have a great day CAPTAIN CATTLE COMMANDER! Paycheck just dropped, gotta pay off my car. Peace, also work on them jokes. Laughter is the key to long life. ♡♥

                                                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                        >>>Yes you are stupid, at least we agree on that, have a fun day, hope a car runs you over>>>

                                                                      2. Hahaha, so much computer Jelly right now. I need more Bagels to get through it all! :D.

                                                                      3. Other 2 worse empires? I mean yeah Nintendo is my favorite game developer, but i would trade anyday the 3rd party support that Nintendo has with either Sony/MS. Rather would enjoy playing FPS games than stupid anime games for weeaboos. Dont tell me you think that Hatsune Shitku, Yokai Watch and all that nonsense is better support than COD, StarWars Battlefront and so forth.

                                                                        And honestly, Nintendo used to be the go to machine for FPS games, they had Turok games, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, even Doom and that Daikatana(oh god yeah the multiplayer kicked ass!) appeared on Nintendo. Seriously missing the days when Nintendo had actual support and legit games. Theres a reason why everyone says that Nintendo system is only worth for 1st party stuff and its because their 3rd party support is so shitty these days, theres a reason why Nintendo is seen as a joke by those who loved N64&GC….

                                                                        P.S Attack on Titan sucks, its your typical anime with monsters and hero who screams and has some shitty power ups……

                                                                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                          >>>Their first party support is still better than the Third Class games overall and no, I don’t like overrated anime garbage either>>>

                                                                          >>>And my point has to do with Stranga’s endless crying and anger>>>

                                                                          1. Fair enough, yeah Nintendo is no doubts the best in the industry making games, just hoping that NX will get that western support back. What bothers the most out of me that theres no exclusive StarWars games anymore on Nintendo *sniff* remember the good times when Nintendo had all the stuff from Mario64 to StarWars:ShadowsOfTheEmpire etc. Those were the days. That was the beauty of Nintendo, they werent too japanese or western, they had balance, but ever since they sold Rare away they started slowly abondon the western goodness and now we are at the point where all they is some stupid anime garbage from BandaiNamco and the likes….

                                                                            But positively thinking atleast their systems arent at the Vita level of weeabooness, that system seriously sucks with all the TalesOf garbage and so forth *pukes*

                                                                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                              >>>They started abandoning Nintendo first because they are lazy, and also because the other 2 often bribe them to make games for them>>>

                                                                            2. I love anime and enjoy games that give me an anime vibe, but I agree with you. Ever since Nintendo let Rare go, they’ve been on a downward spiral ever since. They got lucky with the Gamecube & Wii but it’s finally catching up to them now with the Wii U. Oh the days when there was a nice balance on Nintendo consoles.

                                                                            3. Hell yeah! Perfect Dark multiplayer, get 3-4 friends, setup 8 strong bots, find a place to hold up and let the aliens invade!

                                                                              We had Rogue Squadron, timesplitters, those were the days, pre-Wii. :/

                                                                          2. *checks to make sure they still have these in black* Yes! They do! *eyes that refurbished Wind Waker bundle with the custom Zelda Gamepad* I was going to get you this month, my friend, but there are a few amiibo I really want coming out this month, so you’ll have to wait. I must get Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, & Dr. Mario amiibo & then I’ll be one step closer getting every amiibo figurine I want. (Mewtwo should be the last one I need if I manage to get the three coming this month.)

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