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Here’s Some New FAST Racing NEO Footage

Nintendo and Shin’en have released a brand new FAST Racing NEO video to celebrate Nindies@Night PAX. As you can see the futuristic racing title runs at a blazing 60fps and looks set to be a good substitute for F-Zero which has long been forgotten by Nintendo. Fast Racing NEO is expected to arrive in December.

28 thoughts on “Here’s Some New FAST Racing NEO Footage”

  1. I am definitely going to pick it up. Tho’ I would not say that Nintendo forgot about F-Zero they just have no new ideas to bring to the table to really make it that next level game they want it to be.

    1. Shit excuse. If they can sanction Starfox HD remake (essentially) they could have done FZero…no matter, fuck’em. Happy to give my money to Shin’en instead!

      Can’t wait!

    2. I think Nintendo’s philosophy of innovation for innovation’s sake is misguided and in part why the Wii U has struggled to sell. Innovation should happen organically, as the market demands. For example, right now what the market (the fans) demand is a new Metroid game. Yet Nintendo won’t deliver because they say they haven’t thought of an interesting new way to innovate on the franchise. At this point, what the fans really want is a quality game with great design and gameplay that further develops the Metroid/Samus mythos …gimmicks be damned. All of this applies to F-Zero for the most part. If Nintendo has half a brain, they will comission Shin’en to make a new entry into the series.

      1. bull shitter if you think that your retarded

        how is 3d ineraction not good for 3d games

        how is mouse pointing noy better than a anlog stick

        in his next post he will try to say water isnt wet

        i love how the anolog dtick a nintendo innovation isnt included in your DELUSION

        i love how the dpad and rumble isnt either or every other thing ON YOUR SONY PAD THAT WAS COPIED FROM NINTENDO

        how is gyroscope mouse not a geat innovation
        how is mouse pointing not superior to sticks


      2. How is the GamePad a gimmick? The Wii U is essentially the same setup as a DS which is the best selling console ever. Trying to replicate that success in the home console market was obviously the next logical step.

        Maybe the fact that Nintendo barely promoted the system has more to do with the struggling sales. The success of Splatoon certainly points in that direction.

        1. Let’s not pretend that the expensive to replace Gamepad being integral to the Wii U’s most important functions is not a hindrance to the bloody console. Nintendo should have stayed with their stance of waiting for the technology to be cheaper before making their console revolve around the damn thing. Nintendo has been pretty keen on ignoring a majority of their standards this gen for the sake of innovation. Innovation for innovation’s sake is bad. It’s time Nintendo quits trying to innovate for a few gens because a majority of gamers don’t give two shits about it right now. Go back to making this shit optional & go back to basics. The Wii U might be making a profit but it’s a failure right now because it should be doing a hell of a lot better than it is actually doing. In the business world, making a little profit just to make the few that enjoy it happy while ignoring a good chunk of potential customers is failing as it causes more damage in the long run compared to the short run. Many businesses have gone out of business because they refused to evolve with the times & Nintendo will not be the exception if they continue down this path of catering to the lowest common denominator. In fact, Nintendo can cater to both if they really wanted to. Disney does it so Nintendo can too.

          1. Or are we going to ignore the fact Nintendo has more than enough money in reserves to take a hit in their current sales? Why exactly is Nintendo stockpiling all of that Wii money? Either they have something huge planned for us & are going to shock us as they reveal the last 3 gens were a test ground for the awesome they intend to show us next gen or they are going to take all of that money & use it for their retirement fund as they leave every single gamer, including their loyal and blind loyal fanbases, out in the cold as the video game industry crashes once again.

          1. I would love a physical copy of this game. Shin’en pulled out all the stops and this looks nothing short of a AAA title to me.

          2. Seems like the only game people don’t have anything negative to say about, which means all the hipsters will be hating on it a month after it’s released




            1. To the 3rd party development studios that said the Wii U had too many ” limitations ” that prevented them from getting the best out of the system or from them being able to put their games on the system I have to ask you this………how does it feel to be exposed by a indie company that only has 6 employees and an iron determination for quality? Surely you must feel ashamed as you ought to be…..smh

                  1. I was only joking. Why are you trying to turn this into a console war? If you’re trying to make me mad, then you failed. Try harder next time!

                1. “Nintendo hasn’t forgot about F-Zero.” Sure because they are telling us all about the next F-Zero game that will blow our socks away. *rolls eyes* It’s time Nintendo quits trying to innovate just for the sake of it. Has any fan of F-Zero actually even asked Nintendo to do something innovative with F-Zero before releasing a new one? If the answer is no, then just release the game with HD graphics, a new story, & boom: a new F-Zero game. If you really want to innovate so fucking badly with F-Zero, just do like Criterion with Need for Speed & add an open world element to the damn thing or like the devs of No Man’s Sky is doing. Oh wait. Since Nintendo didn’t come up with it themselves, it’s not an innovation. Time to let go of that ego, Ninten


                2. Rants aside, I can’t wait for this game. With the awesome Colette’s Devil’s Third review sending up red flags for some of us that hate the idea of micro-transactions becoming a big part of gaming with only small benefits to us, I have a free slot for a game for my Wii U this end of year.

                  1. When I get a replacement to transfer my data from my current Wii U to a refurbished Wii U because my HDMI port on the console is broken, that is.

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