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Video: Project Treasure Gets A New Name

Bandai Namco’s free-to-play treasure hunting game Project Treasure is now called Lost Reavers. The company also released a new trailer for you to feast your eyes on giving us a look at the Unreal Engine developed title. The game itself looks rather fun with plenty of big scary monsters to battle and treasure to be looted. Bandai Namco also revealed that a beta for the game is happening soon in Japan.


Thanks, Nintendo Impact Gaming

33 thoughts on “Video: Project Treasure Gets A New Name”

  1. The Wii U is not dead, bitches! First Pokken, then Shovel Knight’s exclusive content plus amiibo, then this. E3 means nothing to Nintendo, they announce their epic shit whenever they fucking want.

      1. I’m sure they will it’s just a matter of optimization. I’ve seen better looking games run on the system so I know it can run this fine. (Not saying this game looks bad, just the Wii U has better looking games.)

    1. A 2016 game looking like it was made in 2006 for Wii,graphics look terrible this game has surely beaten Devils third as the worst looking game on Wii U,clearly this isnt a serious game which namco. Expects to sell a couple of copies, im glad i got rid of this shovelware indie only games console called Wii U, what a piece of shit RIPwiiU2015#RIPIWATA2015#

      1. Devil’s Third does look good enough. If you meant framerate, yes, it is not that good. But I am sure that there are enough games looking worse.

        1. Have you ever played a 2006 Wii game? You have no idea what you’re talking, do your fucking research before sprouting this crappy ass shit. I’m tired of this shit “it looks like a PS2”, NO IT LOOKS LIKE YO MOMMA’S HAIRY ASS.

      2. The game looks great, but the outfits??? Why do games do this? They have characters wearing practically nothing, or they are wearing too much. It’s like two extremes. Either you wear a lot of hot heavy clothing, or you wear nothing at all. Why can’t there be a happy medium?

        1. It doesn’t really bother me, to be honest. Too many people put too many taboos on the natural naked form. We’re born without clothes, after all. But yeah. I guess at least one of the ladies could have been dressed like a normal person that’s out adventuring. Preferably Victoria as I like Sayuri just the way she is.

        2. F*uck framerate, im sick and tired of it. I still play my N64 because the GAMES are FUN. Ill watch old movies with a “dated” feel because they still entertain. The kids understand this with games like mimecraft becoming huge, you might not appreciate the look but its the equivalent of virtual lego. At some point alot of kids grew up and started losing the idea of what a fun game is based purely on its gameplay (the most important factor) I love beautiful HD AAA games too, but i still go back to zelda on my 64, unreal tournament on my playstation 2 and DK on my gameboy color. They entertain and this game looks like it fits the bill.

        3. I had forgotten about this game, too. Thanks of the reminder. And finally we have a better name for the game & we have names for the 4 characters. I’ll definitely main Sayuri as I like her outfit.

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