Disney XD Will Air Nintendo World Championships Replay In September

Can’t get enough of this year’s Nintendo World Championships held at E3? American digital cable and satellite television channel Disney XD will air a half-hour special on Wednesday, September 16, according to a report by Broadway World. The special is titled “Nintendo World Championships 2015” and will air at 8 p.m. EST.

The 30-minute special is rated TV-G and will feature “sixteen of the World’s most skilled gamers compete live onstage in games from Nintendo’s past, present and future.” This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Disney XD air Nintendo programming, as they held a live Mario Kart 8 tournament in June. Do you think there’s going to be more collaboration between Disney and Nintendo in the future?

Wednesday, September 16
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Disney XD Special “Nintendo World Championships 2015”
(8:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET/PT)
Sixteen of the World’s most skilled gamers compete live onstage in games from Nintendo’s past, present and future.




  1. Typical Disney being Disney. At least this one of the few good video game related things they had done unlike Pac-Boy and the Crappy Adventures. I thought Fanboy and ChumChum had the worst intro in history, but then I’ve witnessed “The Pac is Back”. *shudders*


      1. This is actually true. Would rather not want to think of what drugs Next level Games were on when they’ve thought Federation Farce was a good idea.


      2. You just plain stoopid. They wanted to make it, and you, the Metroid “fans”, hated the game. It can be really depressing as a developer to make a game everybody sais “it’s bad”, “it sucks” or “it iz not wut i liek no bui” everywhere based on a trailer that did not even reveal almost anything from the game. They are a tallented studio and should get more respect if they make a game. What games would you expect for a 2015 only games presentation, when the biggest games were revealed years before? I am glad that I get this, there was no way Prime was announced this late and still be released in 2015. Which thing out of more things is better is very subjective. I am pretty sure noone thought that the said “fans” would be so aggressive. It is your fault for hoping that Prime 4 gets announced. Ignorants like you are cancer to the humanity.


      3. Let’s just say this, the game had potential to be good if it was its own IP (with the Blast ball). Making it a Metrid game however was a huge sign of desperation to make up for the lack of Metroid games for a year and focusing on the Galactic Federation only made it worse. Normally I’m not the one to judge art styles, but the chibi proportions that they are going for doesn’t really work and none of the creatures even come off as threatening like in most Metroid titles. On top of that, Mario fans had been waiting for another Strikers game since the Wii and in the end we’ve got this instead from the same developer. The last Mario Tennis game was not that impressive and Camelot felt the need to make another thing that only adds the Mega Mushroom gimmick to make it interesting (Yet another sign of desperation). Do I hate the game? No. Am I disappointed at how it turned out? Yes. At least I’m not the guy who created a fucking petition to cancel the game or even signed the damn thing to begin with. Why target me when there are much more Metroid fans you can tell the same thing unless you are too afraid to find them all?


      4. Nintendo does that all the time, using classic IPs with new game play, a new concept. Mario Kart could have been just a racing game with new characters. Fucking stupid game, why put Mario in there, it’s not anything like Mario Bros!!1! Mario Party? Fuck off Nintendo, make new IPs, because nobody ever did enjoy those games, right? Smash Brothers? Really? Stop using your old characters everywhere! Hyrule Warriors? This ain’t a Zelda game, why does it feature Zelda characters?! Tri Force Heroes? Nope, not a classic Zelda game, better hate it.

        My point is, Nintendo is known for doing this; instead of new games with cliche, old game play, they usually try to use the same IPs for all new types of game play (not saying they don’t re-use game play aka Mario Party).

        Federation Force is just a new idea, and it fitted best with the Metroid Concept.


  2. So I’m assuming it’s basically a recap, a shortened version? I guess that’s why it’s getting its G rating. Otherwise we’d see Reggie repeatedly saying a–


  3. They had the Mario Maker Nintendo World Championship levels, at the Demo event during that U.K tour thing. Tried it out, the Mario U level wasn’t as hard as Cosmo made it out to be…


  4. hi there i can wait nintendo gaming consoles sells well rais above the compition with there own nintendo gaming show this show will increase console sells and games sells too


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