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Login Issues Plague Disney Infinity 3.0 Launch

Those of you that have picked up Disney Infinity 3.0 may be encountering issues as it seems as though a growing number of users are reporting problems with logging in. The issues appear to be from consumers that have previously linked their account with either Disney Infinity 1.0 or Disney Infinity 2.0. This in turn prevents people from accepting the Terms of Use, Privacy and Cookies policies. What this means is that Disney Infinity users are currently unable to link their previous progress and access online features. Here’s the workaround posted by Disney:

“After launching Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition on your console for the first time and attempting to log into your Disney Account, an error appears preventing you from accepting Terms of Use, Privacy and Cookies Policies. Without accepting, you cannot log into your Disney Account and link your previous progress.

“This issue is only known to affect players who have previously linked their accounts with Disney Infinity 1.0 and/or 2.0.

“While this issue will be addressed shortly, you can resolve it by first logging into your account at the Disney Infinity website:, and then logging into your Disney account through your console.”

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6 thoughts on “Login Issues Plague Disney Infinity 3.0 Launch”

  1. I remember buying the first Disney infinity for PS3 at launch but couldn’t play the game at all because they had a problems with the servers on PS3 with psn I swear it took them like 3 days fix it. And I thought they would give the players something’s for having to wait to be able to play the game but they didn’t. Also to top it off the PS3 version is the worst version of the game.

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