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Amazon Isn’t Having Pre-orders For Latest Round Of Amiibo

An Amazon representative has confirmed on Reddit that they won’t be taking pre-orders for the next batch of amiibo. Instead, the figures will go up on the day, which is September 11th, and they will be listed during normal working hours. The representative says that they have been successful in doing this in the past and so they figure this is the best way of selling them going forward.

We’re going to be putting them up the day they launch (9/11/15). They’ll go up during normal business hours. We’ve been pretty successful doing it this way for wave 4 and Palutena, so no reason to change what’s working for us.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6



    1. Here in Germany it is soooo easy to get amiibos. But I still buy the ani cans through my am arian address at release due to saving around 30%


  1. Anyone know when exactly orders will come up? Or will everyone have to be refreshing the page every hour or so on September 10-11? I assume it’s going to be midnight, but which timezone?


  2. Now I just need to know what time exactly Ganondorf & Zero Suit Samus will go up for preorder in my part of the States. Then I just have to stay up past 10 pm to get them. Hopefully getting them will be as “easy” as getting Palutena.

    I want Dr. Mario, too, but since it’s Mario, I doubt he’ll be rare so I can wait & get him another time.


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