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Best Buy Has Flash Sale For New Nintendo 3DS Bundles And Games


US retailer Best Buy is currently running a flash sale that will last for four hours. There’s plenty of gaming items to be had including a New Nintendo 3DS XL with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and a charger for $214.98. You can also pick up Code Name STEAM for $19.99. To see all the deals that are on offer check out the page, here.

Thanks, DemiGOD


  1. All because 3DS buyers argue about Wii U games coming out of the blue, hello? Just cuz its a blue box, and what, people, whats gonna happen. Best Buy just re-assures such situations, without the slightest concern. Fans cant comlrehend the the idea behind both types of the machinery used for both, not lazy, just uninformed. Make this better than it was some years ago.

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