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Nintendo US Store: Refurbished 32GB White Wii U Consoles Available

The Nintendo US Store is currently stocking refurbished 32GB White Wii U Deluxe consoles with a copy of Nintendo Land and the super fun Super Mario 3D World for $235. It should be noted that you don’t generally see White 32GB Wii U consoles, so who knows? Maybe in the future they will be worth something. Anyway, it’s a good deal as it stands and these are sure to be snapped up.

20 thoughts on “Nintendo US Store: Refurbished 32GB White Wii U Consoles Available”

  1. “Maybe in the future they will be worth something.”

    And in that single comment Amazon saw the prices of White Wii U’s triple in size.

  2. It’s a good deal, but im gonna have some extra cash here soon so I think ill buy a brand new one. : ).

    I’ve decided I’d rather have the system than not.

    1. Used WiiU’s from Nintendo, refurbished, arrive in new-like condition and carry the same warranty. I got one for my brother like that and it was in perfect condition.

      Just say’in, Nintendo doesn’t cut corners with repairs or refurbishing!

    2. I think most people are past the fact that Nintendo didn’t really take into consideration space requirements and such for games. Hopefully with NX (if it’s a home console) they’ll offer some bigger options. 8 gb just doesn’t even make sense.

    3. There’s absolutely zero reason to buy a 32GB Wii U. It’s a rip off, a scam. And it’s funny because Nintendo themselves warned against it, but put it out anyway just cuz they knew people would still buy it. My friend bought a 32GB Wii U for $300. I bought a 8GB Wii U bundle with two games and a 500GB external HDD for it and everything totaled up to $260. To buy a black 32GB Wii U you’re either really in love with black, or really stupid lol. To buy a white 32GB Wii U… yeah you’re just stupid lol.

      1. I believe 32GB is the only option now and according to Nintendo’s listing of compatible external hard drive, most recent Western Digital externals aren’t supported.

        1. I have a white 8gb, but I have an external attached to it by usb. I personally love my 8gb, glad I didn’t spend the extra to upgrade to the 32 because with the harddrive I have 2TB worth of space.

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