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Capcom France Says The Great Ace Attorney Isn’t Planned For A Western Release

Capcom France is saying that The Great Ace Attorney isn’t planned for a Western release. This piece of news comes from the publisher’s Twitter account, but hopefully it wasn’t referring to all Western regions. The game was released earlier this year in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. It is set during the Meiji Era in Japan and crosses over to London during the British Empire’s reign. At least we know that the recently-announced Ace Attorney 6 is coming to the West.


29 thoughts on “Capcom France Says The Great Ace Attorney Isn’t Planned For A Western Release”

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                  What the fuck is wrong with you? Bro get the fuck off this site with that shit. The link contains all kinds of fucked up shit and viruses. You’re nothing but an disgusting bitch to even consider posting something like here.

                    1. Capcom always does shit like this. They say it “isn’t planned right now”, everyone throws a fit, it shows how much interest there is, and then they release it in the west after all, which they probably planned to do all along. So I figure GreatAA will come here eventually, after several annoying months of localization.

                      Sure, they didn’t release AAI2 in the west, because of all the DS piracy. But like AA5, they can just make this release digital-only in the US if they’re afraid of piracy.

                      1. Well, whichever way it goes, the AA fandom has conclusively proven they can do a better job of localizing a game than the Capcom staff in the past. I can wait the years…

                      2. If these companies have no intentions of releasing the games themselves in other regions, why the hell dont more of them just offer up the rights to companies like Aksys, NIS and Atlus? Then fans get the games in their language and the original company gets at least some kind of profit as opposed to none from a specific country.

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