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Club Nintendo Special Goodbye Coin Available In Europe


Club Nintendo Europe keeps on giving as there’s a new reward available on the service which is due to close shortly. Nintendo fans can now pick up a Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin which will set you back 2000 Stars. This could well be the final gift added to the service before it gets a complete revamp.


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42 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Special Goodbye Coin Available In Europe”

    1. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

      Yeah, those funny accent, crooked tooth blokes get all the gimmicky junk…all we got was…well…digital games…can’t complain I guess…games over lootshit type toys any day…

      Long live the bitch queen and her retarded sons!

          1. Good riddence to bad rubbish.. I’m taking about Iwata of course. Obinna is lonely due to nobody being on par with his greatness but if he was handed the corpse of Iwata and delivered the left hand of Reggie this was please the lord…

            1. Well, that last sentence was uncalled for, try to stick to the subject, shall we? That’s what I thought, yes, gameses precious, but that’s not quite the same as say, a Mario Kart 8 soundtrack… because we can get games any day, but only can we get Mario Kart 8 soundtracks from scalpers on Ebay.

            2. lol resorting to stereotypes to offend is stupid. I don’t know how you can complain. America normally gets more than Europe, and what they both get NA often has it faster. For once America doesn’t get everything, get over it and quit whining

          2. That’s quite a few stars for such a small little token. I would have liked one, but I guess I’ll have to go without.

          3. Anyone else in North America feel royally screwed?!? WTF is this!!! I think they should send everyone that had an account in North America a free goodbye coin to say sorry for treating you like scum and every other country better than you.

            1. Yes please. If only NoA is reading this. They announced CN closing last but ended earlier than the rest, and with the lousiest rewards yet…

              I cringe on what they would do to the replacement…

          4. Getting Real Tired of NoA's bs

            America cares about Nintendo, they treat us like shit.
            Europe, don’t care either way about Nintendo, they get treated like kings.
            I don’t know, if its Reggie or Nintendo just feel like they can treat us this way.

          5. I’m not upset with European fans or anything, but I really wanted to try to understand why there’s such a difference in the way Nintendo treats the different regions, so I put a lot of thought into it and I guess they’re just entirely different companies. I never really thought of it that way until Chris Pranger said the only reason Xenoblade Chronicles X was localized was because Nintendo of Europe ate the cost… that was pretty confusing to me, like, why would Nintendo of Europe specifically have to pay for a game to be localized? Wouldn’t the main parent company just pay localizers as part of the work of making the game? But, I guess not. I guess there really are separate companies dedicated to each region that make their own decisions. I guess it’s not so much that Nintendo of America wanted to shaft their fans by giving them digital games they already owned instead of soundtracks and collectables, I think it’s just that in that vacuum, they didn’t think of it. The goodbye coin was probably Nintendo of Europe’s idea. They made it, and they put it out for their fans. I don’t know. I just need to feel like Nintendo doesn’t specifically say, “$%#@ our American fans!”

          6. Meanwhile, I’m relaxing smoking purple nurple. Not a care in the world other than………New Laptop possibilities!

            1. You’re shut a piece of shit excuse of a pothead as usual. Nobody cares that you’re smoking so stop bragging like you’re cool for smoking. Lots of us smoke pot but we’re not high school gits or fresh out of high school thinking we’re badasses for smoking. And I’m chilling in Seattle smoking legal weed if you wanna brag.

              1. Haha, trying way to hard bro, congratulations on all that great stuff you said. But 1) you don’t know me, I could be a high school kid, I could be an adult. Welcome to the internet, first fail on your part. 2) I was simply playing on all the negative “meanwhile. ..” comments. You made this a contest when you replied with your ” like I give a fuck about this rude ass reply” reply. Cheers on your anger and apparent jealousy over one lil stoners presence. A real fellow marijuana lover and supporter wouldn’t be so lame to another. Obviously, your bust and more likely you’re someone who’s mad at me. : ).


                Smoke out with me ready…3..2..1..go!

                Play Continuum!

                1. You hate gays which is incredibly unlike pot smokers so I make the exception to not like your close minded ways and I didn’t fail anything literally nobody cares about you and your smoking that you’ve brought up numerous times.

                  1. Fail #3- I’ve never stated that I hate anyone from the lgbtq agenda. My personal beliefs are none of your business. Your projection of me is false.


                    1. Nope you stated a month ago that you are against gays and are defending gods word by being against them. Most stoners don’t take the bible serious.

                  2. 1) 2000 star for a coin…. you gotta to be kidding.
                    2) why the USA always cry about things they don’t have but don’t release the things they have and the rest of the world do not have, that’s really me me me thing if you ask. Great we have coins houppy do!!!!! for f***k sake you guys were crying cause you did not have the 3DS now you have it you crying cause you don’t have the goddamn bloody coin.
                    3) I guess next time we have the pen used by Myamoto-san for 10K stars exclusive in Europe, you guys going to complain as well……

                      1. Full of shit. It’s not gonna happen and even if it does, same old shit of NOA or main Nintendo not giving fans anything good and screwing them over with excuses after excuses. I’m fucking tired of it and stop acting stupidly positive over their nonsense.

                    1. -.- I love collecting coins and would gladly get this. But alas, not happening because Nintendo’s Americunt branch sucks donkey kongey balls.

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