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Bowser Jr. amiibo Will Be US Retail Exclusive At Toys R Us

It’s fitting that Bowser Jr. will be an exclusive to the store with the slogan “where a kid can be a kid.” The amiibo of the koopa kid and his flying clown car will be exclusively available at Toys R Us on Sept. 11 to US customers, the company announced Wednesday on Twitter. Bowser Jr. will be only available for purchase in-store only and while supplies last.

19 thoughts on “Bowser Jr. amiibo Will Be US Retail Exclusive At Toys R Us”

  1. These exclusives are really driving me nuts, I can’t be at all these stores at the same time to try and beat the damn scalpers, this whole no pre order bullshit is asinine

  2. Fuuuuuck them then. I hope TRU gets convicted and gets the death penalty!!! They’ll sell him online too. Fucking liars just like GS and BB…. remember we had to get in lines to get that Dark Pit and Retro 3…. they never went up online after the fact… riiight? Hell no!!!! Fuck TRU!!!!!!!! They’ll file for bankruptcy soon enough.

  3. I called around to three toysruses in my area for greninja at 7 pm. And i found one 30 min away. If you go out the day of you should be able to get him.

  4. DAMN! I hate when they’re Toys R Us exclusives! The worst store for exclusive amiibos because there’s no Toys R Us in my area, and even if I was able to order, it would arrive damaged because they SUCK!

    So……..looks like I’ll be importing this one.

  5. Another week, another reason to be mad at NoA. Retailer exclusives do more harm than good. And there are still stock issues up the ass.

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  7. Exclusive? To a store I don’t have close by? That isn’t taking online orders? FffffffffffffffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFUCK!!! … Oh wait. It’s Bowser Jr. Call me when they have an amiibo of Lemmy Koopa.

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