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Rare Developer Shares Early Look At King K.Rool From Donkey Kong Country

Long term Rare developer Gregg Mayles has shared some more concept art from the beloved Donkey Kong Country series. This time around Mr. Mayles has given us an early look at the villainous, King K.Rool. The concept art has been created by James Ryman and shows how Krudd has basically evolved into King K.Rool. You can check out some earlier designs from Donkey Kong Country, right here.

Thanks, Takamaru64

10 thoughts on “Rare Developer Shares Early Look At King K.Rool From Donkey Kong Country”

  1. God dammit! I looked at the thumbnail before the title and quickly thought,”King K. Rool for smash rumors????” then looked at the title,”FUCK!!!!”

    1. Technically, DK 64, DK Country Returns and Tropical Freeze are 3D, since they have 3D environments. If you want to see a 3D DK game, enter the eShop, go on the N64 VC and you can see right there an icon of DK 64. Cool, right?

      But if you want a new 3D one, then maybe Retro is making one (they said that they were working on a WiiU project, and they hired 3D A.I. programmers, so the next game is not a sidescroller)… (would not surprise me, they could go for a trilogy that ends with a 3D game and rerelease it on the NX, like they did with Metroid Prime.

      1. If the recent NX rumors are true, a new Metroid game is in development, and Retro has moved their project from the Wii U to the NX. Put 2 and 2 together, and it’s possible that Retro is finally working on a new Metroid title after a looong hiatus. Not something that can be ruled out at least.

      2. Hey DK64 is kinda like that, cool… and Tropical Freeze was adding more 3D elements which I loved on the platformer. Such a solid game I don’t think it gets the props it deserves

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