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Rumour: Minecraft Story Mode Coming October 27th?

One game that has a lot of hype surrounding it is Minecraft: Story Mode. We already know that it is heading to the Wii U and basically every other current platform available. Amazon US has the game listed with a October 27th release date while Amazon UK lists the Minecraft spin-off with a October 30th date. The disc version will contain the first episode and you will need to download the other episodes once they are released digitally. The game, which is being developed by TellTale and Mojang, still hasn’t received a release date.

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24 thoughts on “Rumour: Minecraft Story Mode Coming October 27th?”

    1. When Microft purchased Mojang they said that Minecraft would remain a universal game as a way to keep many MAAAAANY pepole happy and to not look like complete scumbags.

    2. well first of all, its on sony, apple, android, and mac devices. second ….cus they make money on it? also story mode is already confirmed to be coming to wii U, this rumor is just for the date, its not a question that its coming. the question is if story mode is coming….then dues that also means that normal minecraft is coming?

      1. Yes, but it was already on all those devices before Microsoft bought them out. My question remains. Why would Microsoft put thier biggest selling, most popular title on a competitors console? (Btw, Apple products and Mac devices are the same thing)

        I’ll believe it when I see it. Otherwise it’s not coming to the Wii U.

        1. King K. Rool for Smash

          Well it’s not the original Minecraft, nor is it being made by Mojang. It is by Telltales who does Episodic adventures using the Minecraft IP. The more copy it sells, the more money Mojang and Microsoft will get just for owning the rights.
          It just goes to show that Microsoft knows what game makes money so they don’t mind having minecraft anywhere because they will still get money.

      1. No, the little money that can be made on the Wii U is not enough reason to put your biggest franchise on a competitors console…

        It’s not coming to Wii U. Microsoft will back out at the last second. First with a delay, then months later with a cancellation. They will give you some bullshit reason..

        I promise Minecraft will never be on the Wii U.

    3. Minecraft is bigger than the xbox brand, besides Microsoft have made their money back already it wouldnt make sense to cut off so many revenue streams.

    4. The only company that makes money selling consoles is Apple.
      My guess would be that Microsoft doesn’t really need to sell their Xbox One anymore to expand their crowd. (At least, they probably don’t think minecraft will be that big a push) Selling software is the money-maker, so it’s best to release on other consoles too. Although, I am not sure about the cost of putting a game on other machines.

    1. I imagine the suckers, that actually go to Minecon, are excited simply because it’s minecraft. Apart from that though, Telltale has been amazing with their stories lately, and even though it may be minecraft and seem really weird, it’ll probably also drag people in for that fact. I’m still not really interested though.

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  2. Doesn’t matter what it is. Microsoft owns it. It will not come to the Wii U. Name me one game that Microsoft owns that’s currently available on the Wii U.

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