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Here’s Numerous Pokemon As Giant Mechs

pokemon_zoid_1There’s plenty of talented artists out there and one of them is Japanese artist 太斗·  The artist has successfully transformed various Pokemon into characters from the popular Zoids franchise. If you haven’t heard of them, Zoids are an incredibly fashionable form of model kits that are huge in Japan at the moment. 

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53 thoughts on “Here’s Numerous Pokemon As Giant Mechs”

  1. i remember waking up at like 5am before school with my dad to watch Zoids every morning like 10ish years ago. Was a good show.

    1. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

      Nintendo should sue! What happened to originality these days???
      Everything in today’s era is either some unfunny “parody”, stupid adolescent dick/mom jokes incorporated into some known franchises or meshing two series together like this!

      Nobody sets out to create the next Star Wars, Pokemon, shit, anything, just be fucking original with an original cast that is NOT generic looking…seriously, it’s not that difficult…

      1. Except these look kind of awesome… Why condemn someone for combining two things they like in art? He obviously put a lot of detail into his work and I would assume he enjoys it.

      2. First of all. Let me tell you something: complete and utter originality is overrated. Why? It’s simple: making something completely and utterly original out of thin air is simply impossible in today’s world. It is literally impossible to create anything that isn’t influenced by anything or anyone else.

        Creativity today is taking what is already there, and either mashing it up with something else to make something new, or putting a new twist on it from an unexpected place, if you think making something original out of thin air is easy, all I have to say to you is you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. It’s still huge in Japan and South Korea, my Blade Liger is a 2010 reissue.
        They also have these High Master Model kits now which are the Zoids equivalent to Transformers Masterpiece, very articulate and detailed.
        Zoids model kits actually go all the way back to the 80s

    2. Also, Wal-Mart’s are starting to get in the Mario Maker Wii U bundles that come with the Pixel Mario Amiibo. The box art is cool and the box size is fairly bigger. But that could be to compensate for Amiibo, booklet, junk, etc.

      I’m not interested in the game at all, but it made me want to buy one ha.

        1. -_- Gaming is very depressing theses days…sigh. I personally bought the wii u hoping it’d be like the wii, GC, etc… before it only to be disappointed.

          No metroid, fire emblem, kirby, animal crossing, paper mario, sunshine 2/galaxy 3, no luigi’s mansion, fzero, etc… what a waste of a console!

          So nintnedo, why don’t you actually cater to the core fans next time instead of shovelling out garbage spinoffs like Animal crossing amiibo festival.

          Fucking bastards!!

          1. I feel the same way, and with the Wii for a while but it eventually got good, hopefully the Wii U will get something good next year.

            Actually no, I hope they save all the good stuff for NX cos then we’d have good games on a better console.

            1. Nintendo has destroyed my trust as a consumer with them due to the wii u. My wii u is essentially a dust collector. Why the fuck is there no metroid, fire emblem, kirby, animal crossing, paper mario, etc…!!? What a complete an utter fucking waste of time and money!

              1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                ||They overestimated themselves to a point of complete arrogance combined with their focus on flawed areas……

                ||However, it might just be a fluke in their history and will bounce back to some limited form of power, just before they fall……

                1. I fucking hope you’re right about the whole ‘nintendo might bounce back’ possibility…currently I’m going through some very difficult periods in my life (depression being one of them) and I’d always relied on nintendo to cheer me up in the past with the likes of metroid prime, fire emblem-path of radiance, paper mario tied, etc… now I’ve been abandoned with basically nothing to take the pain away!

                  Goddammit, I just want to play games! How hard must it be just to play some fucking games!!

                2. Call me entitled but I feel that nintendo owes something to people like me…yes I know it sounds selfish but, when you’re trapped in your house with no friends and can’t go outside, what else can you do?

                  I just hope I don’t end up regretting posting any of this…

                  1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                    ||They will, it was preordained years ago and is just another step in our prominent delineation of which your narrow minds can’t possibly comprehend……

                    1. Arcanine looks clearly like my Blade Liger and Mewtwo looks like either a Geno Saurer or Beserk Fury. Suicune’s guns look familiar, but I’m not sure what from, I’m thinking wolf type. Tortera looks like a Canon Turtle and H-Oh is clearly a Buster Eagle. Not sure what Entei is, another Liger maybe? Stantler looks familiar, wasn’t there some kind of cattle Zoid in Chaotic Century?

                    2. Ok. Now I really want to play Pokken Figters. Too bad the developers didnt think to start the Wii U version when they started the arcade version in R&D. That was stupid. Knowing it takes a lot longer to work on games anyway in 8th generation home consoles? Common sense would tell you to think of everything in R&D not aftewards. But video game developers are stupid so….

                    3. Video game developers are so stupid they dont even think to make another game immediately after the first one goes on sale. They still want a 3-5 year break. So now if a consumer wants a sequel, they pay hundreds of dollars for another console all because the developers didnt work immediately.

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                    5. Question: Did it take anyone else a while to figure out the first one was Mewtwo or was it just me?

                      also does anyone else think this should be DLC for the new Zoids Switch game?

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