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Poi The N64-Inspired 3D Platformer Has A New Trailer

Poi, a 3D platformer inspired by the likes of Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and a plethora of similar games, has a brand new trailer. The Kickstarter for the Wii U and PC title sadly fell through, but the developers are determined to bring the charming title to the platforms listed. You get to play as either a boy or a girl and explore the lush islands on offer and also collect medallions. You can also use an airship to travel between the sky islands. This new trailer has been released to showcase the progress that the team has made and some of the changes they have implemented.


20 thoughts on “Poi The N64-Inspired 3D Platformer Has A New Trailer”

      1. One main problem that many aged players have with today’s stuff is that it takes away too much imagination. In the 90ies, tech wasn’t so evolved, you couldn’t exactly tell how a character was supposed to look like and most of the time they couldn’t even speak. This combined with some pixelgore and gritty mood was a kinda unfinished picture that the players had to finish in their own heads. That’s why many dislike todays games, because they always need to tell the stories themselves, explain everything, fill every gap with light and so on. That’s by the way also a reason why pixelart stuff is still quite popular as it kinda emulates this whole feeling not so bad. A Ridley in Super Metroid might have felt way more thrilling than the ones you meet in Metroid Prime for instance. But if you really compare them, there’s not necessarily a big difference. In Super Metroid you just only saw one view on a level while in Prime you get to see everything. Things like these can really damage the immersion. At least if the devs aren’t keeping this in mind.

    1. I don’t think they’re retrying the Kickstarter, I think they’re just pressing on with what they did raise, like Treefall did with (ugh) The Letter.

      Let’s hope this turns out better than that joke of a game.

  1. This game has a very cool artsyle, and the controls look very fluent. It reminds me of Mario 64, and Windwaker, both on my list of favorite games. So over all I’m fairly impressed with this.

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