Target: Grab A Free Mario Themed Puzzle Cube When You Order Super Mario Maker


If you decide to pre-order your copy of the soon to be released Super Mario Maker from Target then you are entitled to a rather nifty Super Mario Maker Puzzle Cube absolutely free! It’s featured in the Weekly Target Ad which is now on the website. Will you be getting your copy of the creative game from Target?

Thanks, Brickyoyo


  1. Sweet!! I not only want one. But I hope NINTENDO advertises for SMM as they do for SPLATOON. That Mario Themed Rubicks Cube is awsome but lay down some major $ on advertisements on SMM!!!

  2. Rubix Cubes with pictures on them are evil… Even if you know your algorithms and such, it’s nearly impossible to get the correct sides with the images in the correct orientation unless you do exactly how it got disorientated backwards…. It’s absolutely nervewrecking….

    1. I would count it if they just got all the corresponding pieces to the picture on each correct side.

    2. ….it’s actually barely harder. You just solve it like a regular cube, but at the end you may have to rotate center pieces.

    3. ….It’s actually barely harder than a regular cube. You just solve it like normal, but at the end you may have to rotate the centers. The rotate center algorithm is simple.

  3. I buy all my videogames from target seen I work there. I get 10% off with my employ discount and another 5% off with their red card. You also get a 5 dollar gift card if you preorder with them. I save a lot.

    1. Hey, we get physical Project 0, got Yoshi in June, Devil’s Third in August and we probably get Mario Pennis Ultra Smash earlier.


  5. My local Target never got the Splatoon guns. I pre order because I use a red card but I’m not optimistic for this

  6. 5 more days for another gem that’ll be added to the Wii U masterpiece collection. Nintendo EAD has earned the right to boast about being the greatest developer of all-time

    1. “Nintendo EAD has earned the right to boast about being the greatest developer of all-time” And being the dumbest of all time.

  7. I wasn’t going to preorder, (because it’s completely unnecessary to do so), but I absolutely want that Mario Rubicks Cube! What an amazing preorder bonus. Will preorder it Tuesday..

  8. Professor Erno Rubik approves it! Better get this cube at once on your Super Mario Maker pre-order right now before it’s all gone.

  9. It’s Nintendo’s fault that I won’t be buying Super Mario Maker. It comes out the same day as the next wave of amiibo. And I have to use all of my money on those. Same as when Splatoon came out.

  10. Yeah, my target ran out of the splatoon guns before I got there so I don’t really expect to get the cube but maybe…

  11. I believe you receive the puzzle cube the day you pick up the pre order. I hope the hold aside the amount of cubes per pre order.

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