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Here’s What You Can Get In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate September DLC

Capcom has detailed exactly what’s available in the absolutely free September downloadable content for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. You will get twelve new quests to play through which include 3 new arena challenges, a new weapon to wield, a brand new armour set, and there’s also a Palico equipment set and a bonus Palico. To round off the update you can obtain six Guild Card titles and a background. To get this content all you need to do is access the DLC menu.

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14 thoughts on “Here’s What You Can Get In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate September DLC”

  1. I’m not really acquainted with the monster hunter series…is it any good?

    For the record, my favourite games are the ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ and the ‘Metroid Prime’ games…played by only the most extravagant of fellows such as myself!

    Lord Anonious

    1. Monster Hunter is a great series and I’d recommend it if you like to really work for your spoils. The game gives you nothing easily and it will

  2. I love the free dlc but I can’t get nothing from it. The quests to get to the these dlc quests takes so much time It would probably take me 2 weeks to get to that point.

  3. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

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        1. Jumped back into MH4 recently…so much content, it’s just insane…then they give you all this free DLC… Capcom is doing MH right. It’s ok to have spinnoffs when you give your audience a main game every couple years!

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