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Takashi Tezuka Would Like To Work On Something Other Than Mario

Nintendo’s prominent video game designer Takashi Tezuka has revealed in the latest edition of Famitsu that he would like the opportunity to work on something other than the Super Mario series. I’m sure more than a few of you would love to see him at the helm of a brand new Nintendo IP. Who knows what he wants to do next? But after Super Mario Maker he probably needs a well deserved break.

Tezuka: “We will continue to make 3D and 2D Mario games, but I want to make one that even exceeds New Super Mario Bros.”

Got a plan? Tezuka: “I can’t say anything concrete yet, but you may see it within a few years.”

Tezuka: “I also kind of want to seriously work on something other than Mario.”

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61 thoughts on “Takashi Tezuka Would Like To Work On Something Other Than Mario”

  1. Would like to see something besides Mario Takashi Tezuka. So don’t worry we all want a break of the golden boy himself.

      1. I don’t have an idea of what he would work on right now. He’s a stellar game designer however, so I’m sure he can find something he’s very good at making besides Mario.

      2. If Nintendo weren’t idiots in letting Rare fucking go, he could work on a new Banjo Kazooie game. But Nintendo was too stupid to think of the awesome IPs Rare owned, instead focusing on the talent that left when they could have easily replaced them if they actually put forth some fucking effort.

        1. The don’t need to own banjo kazooie to make a banjo kazooie like game, they could have done a yooka layee, I think he means he wants to do more than just a platformer in general, as make a banjo game wouldn’t be much different than just making a new 3d mario

          1. Well what if some of us wanted Banjo & Kazooie themselves, not some wannabes? Nintendo fucked up when they let Rare go. End of story.

            1. That is your opinion. I prefer yooka laylee as that has some of the people behind banjo. If the characters are good and game is fun then just wonderful. Rare is with Microsoft. The past is the past. If you keeping living it then you will miss the present and future.

            2. Besides, that’s like Nintendo selling The Legend of Zelda franchise to another company that doesn’t make games for Nintendo consoles & someone defending that retarded decision from Nintendo with “but they can just make a Legend of Zelda like game.” It’s a nice little cop out is what it is.

              1. That is not the same at all. Nintendo own Zelda. They partially owned Rare and didn’t want to own them anymore. Banjo was Rare’s so he went with the sale.

                1. *sigh* All I’m hearing is Nintendo damage control at this point. Nintendo were fucking idiots for letting Rare’s IPs go & anyone that agrees with Nintendo are just fanboys that think Nintendo is beyond reproach.

                  1. Jesus christ get over it.
                    The past is the fucking past.
                    Everyone admits that it was a dumb decision, but
                    nobody wants to discuss it with your ass.

                    1. Exactly and this is what I’m talking about that was Nintendos decision and a lot of people were upset that they didn’t buy rare but I well that is how it is so you have to deal with if just like everybody else who wanted them to buy rare

                      1. Well those people are stupid it already happened it is over let it go just like you with federation force it is happening so accept it and not worry about the game and focus on games you do want and like I said before I will decide if the game is good for me when I try it myself

                        1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                          Today, I can see no reason why they wouldn’t buy out multiple companies… 2001-2005 was a different time entirely. It was a shaky and unsteady time for our empire. Even if they had the money, I doubt they had the confidence. The Wii was a risk taken because of profit-losses.

                          1. Well buying Rare would have been a better risk than going after casuals with the filthy Wii. Now we’re a gen behind because Nintendo said “Fuck our core fans! Let’s go for the fickle casual market & make a cheap console.”

                            1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                              It was that shift to the dark side that empowered our great empire. However, our evils have resulted in lost support from all sides. Now that we have risen, we will build a machine which will wreck havoc and instill fear. All before the time of reckoning..

                              1. Let’s hope so. The Wii U gen has done nothing but continue the Wii’s trend of damaging Nintendo’s reputation. Time to get back to the basics & focus on power & advancing their current controllers.

                            2. Exceeds New Super Mario Brothers? That isn’t even hard to accomplish don’t act like that series is actually that good. The OGs are amazing, the New series is generic as fuck and has mario slapped on it.

                            3. They can always recreate new games. New 3-D platforms and stick new characters in it.
                              To this day I wonder what Super Mario Galaxy would have been if it was made with an entirely new character. Would have spawned a whole new Mario type platform series.
                              But they went with Mario. Still a great game.

                              It’s like imagine if they went with Mario characters for Splatoon?!
                              It wouldn’t be as awesome.
                              It’d still be good but not as awesome and new and refreshing.

                                            1. You seen to want things that you don’t deserve, that’s why. :l and with that asshole Attitude I was willing to give up my lunch money and Pokemon cards to the big bad wolf.

                                                                        1. i don’t mind seeing another 3D mario game that is more action and adventure and more realistic i can’t wait to see mario galaxy 3 as realistic but i wonder if one of the developers are gonna work on a new mario kart game or a new mario party game :/ you know i was thinking for a new mario title for the future how about Super Mario 3D Adventure.

                                                                          1. Close enough. He produced Yoshi’s Story, New Island, and Touch & Go while being one of the directors for Yoshi’s Island. Other people worked on the rest (Yoshi’s Topsy Turvy, Yoshi, Yoshi’s Cookie, and Yoshi’s Island DS).

                                                                        2. “We will continue to make 3D and 2D Mario games, but I want to make one that even exceeds New Super Mario Bros.”

                                                                          Um yeah, that won’t be hard. NSMB is easily the most soulless and uninspired series Nintendo ever made.

                                                                          Prior to NSMB, all 2D Mario games had their own art style, their own physics and their own rules. They all had their own identity, their own charm. Mario 3 looks nothing like Mario World, yet they are both excellent 2D platformers.

                                                                          But then they made like 5 NSMB games that look exactly the same and have no charm whatsoever. So boring.

                                                                          1. Sadly, he does work at Nintendo. And like some, if not most, Nintendo devs, they are too arrogant to accept the fact they make horrible decisions. Every NSMB game having the same artstyle & music just so happens to be one of them.

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