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Classic Pikachu Plush Toy Is The First Thing For Pokemon 20th Anniversary

We know that the Pokemon Company have something special in store for the 20th Anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, but we don’t know what. The first thing that has been officially announced is a lovely soft plush classic Pikachu toy. We also heard a few weeks back that Pokken Tournament is heading to the Wii U worldwide next spring and many fans are speculating that the team is hard at work on a new mainline Pokemon title. I guess we shall have to wait and see!

23 thoughts on “Classic Pikachu Plush Toy Is The First Thing For Pokemon 20th Anniversary”

      1. i don’t mind to see the pokemon company to make a 20th anniversary game but i know pokken game is part of it but i hope the company show the 7 gen game of pokemon or pokemon z.

      2. So it begins…. I don’t care for fluffy toys…. Give us Yellow HD Pokemon Remake on Wii U or NX GameFreak/Nintendo…. I know U have Money to do so.. so Do it…. |Name Title: Pokêmon HD Yellow Collection Edition, Coming to Nintendo Wii U AND Nintendo NX!| Do it Nintendo.. when your done witth Pokken Tournament.. do Pokemon HD Yellow Collection Edition… Please Nintendo.. Wii U well sell like hotcakes if that happened.. With Online/Muptiplayer… do it.. u lazy bones…

      3. I love fat Pikachu so much more than current Pikachu. I don’t understand why companies/society feel the need to slim everyone/thing down. Slim does not equal more attractive. You should only be concerned by weight if it’s a medical issue.

      4. It’s SO hard to believe that Pokemon has be around for so long. I only played through one Pokémon game, liked it, then didn’t care about playing any more of them due to everything feeling the same.

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