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Super Mario Maker Demo Event At Walmart This Saturday

Good news for those of you who live near a Walmart as Nintendo has today confirmed that they will be holding a Super Mario Maker demo event. The event will take place on Saturday, September 12th at select Walmart stores from 1pm – 4pm (local time). It is the perfect opportunity to test out the game as you will be able to play and create levels and I would assume there would be a Nintendo representative at hand to show you the ropes. You can check to see if your store is participating, right here.


Thanks, Linkolas

11 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Demo Event At Walmart This Saturday”

    1. Im interested to see how long the hype lasts after it comes out. I feel like Nintendo is doing a lot of keeping people held over for the time being.

      1. Even if it only last a few months that’s all I need, then I can get Yoshi, and Xeno X, and Starfox, and those games will hold me over for a looooooooooong time.

    2. To all the people who are saying (oh I don’t need to go to it) If you go there is going to be special merch there because they are celebrating Marios birthday. The Nintendo Rep told me so at a GameStop event. One of the pieces of merch is a construction Mario Hat! This is also a great time to get the special merch you missed at the GameStop event.

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