Here’s A Look At The Wii Version Of Rodea The Sky Soldier

NIS America has given fans a glimpse of the original Wii version of Rodea The Sky Soldier. The flight based platformer was originally in development for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS, but was later brought to the Wii U. The Wii version, which is unreleased, comes pre-bundled with early copies of Rodea The Sky Soldier on the Wii U. There’s obvious differences including the visuals and the control scheme as the Wii version uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuck for control. Rodea the Sky Soldier will finally be available for purchase on November 10th.




    1. It looks as though it is $59.99 in the North America. It comes with the Wii version if you pre-order. If you are in the UK you can get a special edition version for £59.99 on the Nintendo UK store.


  1. does the wiiu version NOT SUPPORT WII REMOTE

    thats fucking retarded second anolog stinks vs wii remote SO THEY BROKED THE WIIU VERSION



    1. Whoa there! The article never said the WiiU version didn’t have multiple control schemes…I’d say it’s very, very likely the game has both on the WiiU.


  2. There should not be a Wii version. And why the hell would the Wii version of the game bundle with a Wii U copy? If you have a Wii U copy, why would you ever play the Wii version! Am I missing something here? Holy shit what a waste of money to have a Wii version of the game..


  3. Why the heck does the Wii version has exclusive stuff like power-ups, multiplayer, unique level design, and bonus stages, and the Wii U version doesn’t. Could the Wii U version on able to handle all that stuff. I’m still getting this game but what a load of crap and wasn’t of time that they could have put both on all versions.


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