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New Nintendo 3DS + Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Pack Now Available On Nintendo UK

The limited edition Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden New Nintendo 3DS bundle is now live for pre-order on the Nintendo UK website. The bundle includes the standard size New Nintendo 3DS, a pre-installed digital copy of Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, Dragon Ball Z themed cover plates and a download code for the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2.

The bundle is £189.99 with free delivery, and is due to be released on October 16th, 2015.

22 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS + Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Pack Now Available On Nintendo UK”

      1. Congratz!!! You hate Nintendo! You gonna spend more time on this website to let everyone know that or are you gonna do like… anything else?

  1. The faceplates look terrible. Would it kill to have decent looking ones? It’s almost like an effort was made for it to look bad.

  2. Meh dragon dogshit z
    I don’t know why people love that lame ass anime.
    Overrated as pc gaming and feminism. In the clergy’s honest and sccurate opiniom it should die.

    Naruto is better

    Church of Sasori

      1. Actually… that I think about it. You’re Right! As sick as I am of DBZ it boils down to THE FIGHTING. Which is always BAD ASS!!

        While Naruto has epic fighting. But it ALWAYS COMES DOWN TO “getting Sauske to come home & be with Sakura’s crazy ass! Or Hinata getting Naruto to fall in love with her. Or Sakura pretending to love Naruto but she really loves Sauske. Oh…& Sakura had a crush on Sai because he looks like Sauske”.


    1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

      Naruto takes a few ideas from Dragon Ball Z like powerful heroes & villains. Show Naruto’s predecessor some respect, bitch!

  3. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

    Oh. UK only. Shame because even though I don’t like the color orange, I’d let that pass in order to have that awesome DBZ faceplates with the Dragonballs. Oh wait. I already got a n3DS, either way! Damn it all!

  4. I love these faceplates. Orange and black is also a personal fav mix of mine. It’s the colour scheme for my website as well. Not to mention DBZ in badass in general. It’s a real shame USA gets dogged now so often. I don’t understand why. I know the country’s sinking in flames but still…so is the UK right now. At least let me go down with some cool stuff.

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