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Video: Club Nintendo Sound Collection Unboxing

Lucky Tilmen was able to get hold of the Club Nintendo Sound Collection gift with his remaining Club Nintendo credits. The item is probably the last reward we will get on the European version of Club Nintendo before it is replaced with something new entirely. The Club Nintendo Sound Collection is still available on the service and costs 3000 Stars.

11 thoughts on “Video: Club Nintendo Sound Collection Unboxing”

  1. I don’t know, not a fan of the music CDs honestly. Got myself one of the farewell coins instead. I even wish I would have gotten two of them, but they sold out by the time I decided to get another one. Oh well.

  2. Mine should arrive soon too. Sucks I didn’t have enough stars left to get what I really wanted, but this is nice too.

  3. I just looked on eBay at Import Nintendo Soundtrack CD’s from Japan. And I wanted to slap every seller on there. There’s NO WAY I’d ever any of those astronomical prices just for a music CD. No matter how great the music is. Even $18.00 is too expensive to me. But man, there’s some for over $100 on there (even $200). They can all shove them up their arse and twist them sideways! I’d be better off just manually recording the music onto CD-R’s myself, like did for Smash Bros. Brawl. It’s a crapload of work, but at least it’ free.

    It would be a dream come true if Nintendo Of America started selling game soundtracks in stores. I’m sick and tired of Japan getting all the love (and in some cases, Europe) , and North America getting crapped on.

    1. like “I” did for Smash Bros. Brawl*

      Does anybody else have trouble (when writing comments) with half of the letters not typing when you’re online? They type just fine on OpenOffice Writer, but not on Twitter. Happens every now and then. Sometimes I’ll be writing a long comment, then I’ll look up at the screen and there’s nothing but a bunch of scrambled words. And it’s NOT my keyboard.

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