The Black New Nintendo 3DS Will Arrive In Australia And New Zealand This October

Nintendo has announced that the black New Nintendo 3DS will arrive in Australia and New Zealand on October 3rd. Only the white version had been released at launch in 2014, so it’s nice to see Australia and New Zealand getting more options in the run up to the holiday season. The release of this version will also be closely followed by the Animal Crossing – New Nintendo 3DS bundle on November 5th.



  1. I’m kinda glad that Nintendo released the New XL and New Regular at the same time, or else I’m sure that people would have been suckered into getting the New Regular only to have them announce an New XL later. I only bought a New XL so that I could play XC3D.

      1. thestrangablog is right though. I don’t care about the color black or the regular New 3ds, but I do want different options. They should just sell the regular New 3ds here, and give us more color options for the New 3ds XL.

  2. Um, Nintendo? Where are the different colors for AMERICA? I could care less about the regular New 3ds, but I want different color options for the New 3ds XL. A light blue, light pink, or white. Seriously Nintendo, the red, blue, and black are not cutting it…

    1. I’ve always wanted lime green. It’s my favorite color but nothing ever comes in that color. It sucks, but my second favorite is blue which is fine by me.

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