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Nintendo UK Store: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Pre-order Bonuses Announced


Nintendo UK has revealed via email the pre-order bonuses you are entitled to if you decide to purchase Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash with the company. If you buy it from the Nintendo UK Store you can get a free Mario soft toy along with a special Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash tennis ball. The game will cost you £39.99 and is due to be released in Europe on November 20th.

Thanks, Airmaltese

49 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Pre-order Bonuses Announced”

        1. Officifer Skeletons420♣

          Lolololololollloll lolllo lo olololol iiik lolol ok olololi lo lill ill ilililllolo

          Wait wait..


          Do you understand?

          1. Officifer Skeletons420♣

            “Out smoke the hell out of you”.

            Keep reaching bro! There’s something in the bottom of that barrel!

        2. It would be nice if we knew anything about the game before being offered to pre-order it really. Right now all we’ve seen is some pre-alpha gameplay.

          1. I got to play it at Hyper Japan.

            Nintendo has several demo stations and took them on tour a crossed the UK during their summer road show.

            The game plays very much like every other Mario Tennis game since the GameCube.

            It’s decent, not going to set any scores on fire.

        3. Fine a kids reward for those who bought this kid game.
          Well you can’t say no longer that nintendo dont care about you little pretty gamers, they give you toys to play little kids : ) enjoy!!

            1. Everyone else in the world is getting better physical prizes like CDs, figurines, clothing, coins and other limited edition stuff. In U.S, all they get is a fucking piece of paper for taping on walls to vandalize when taken off and it’s easily damage prone than glass.

            2. I’d MUCH prefer a poster than that. I love posters! I have my Mario maker poster (I got from preordering Mario maker from GameStop) hanging up In my room. But I doubt anyone actually cares about where I hang my posters lol.

                    1. Officifer Skeletons420♣

                      Well that’s your personal preference, I draw a lot and use paper often. I find value in hand created materials/art. :)

                        1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                          If it was designed and autographed by Miyamoto, it’d definitely be worth hanging up on my wall. I don’t want no $2 Gamestop poster though. Lol.

                          1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                            Lol. It’s like Nintendo sees their hardcore and loyal fans and push them out the way to get to the guy that plays Fifa every year.

                              1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                I use to think an EA guy in charge of marketing, which just so happens to be a company very good at marketing, would help Nintendo of America’s marketing. Sadly, so far it’s still been fucking shit. *sigh* Why did I even expect any different from Nintendo? Hell! I bet this isn’t even the EA guy’s fault. Some higher up is probably pointing a proverbial gun at his head & telling him to do it the fucking stupid Nintendo way or be fired.

                              2. That is one cheap-ass looking, off-model plushie. What’s more, what’s even the point of including non-amiibo figurines anymore?

                                  1. what kind of fucking losers play Cricket? it is literally one of the stupid games ever made. I thought golf was bad, but no, cricket takes the cake. Golf is the lazy man’s sport. Cricket is the lazy golfers sports.

                                  2. I can’t express how much I wish this was a new Mario Golf game for Wii U instead. I’ve never been into the Tennis games. The action is too constant and fast paced for me (I also love the Mario Baseball games). Golf ROCKS! I love trying to calculate my shots and challenging other players, trying to get the better score. I also love games that are relaxing. Games where I can take a break in between while waiting for my turn again. That’s something I like about Mario Party games. The turn-based style. It’s been FAR too long since a major console installment of Mario Golf has been made. Toadstool Tour was the last, and that was AGES ago! World Tour on 3DS was fun, but a letdown because it was too darn short of a game. I completed every mode in hardly no time at all.

                                    1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                                      Did you get the DLC? It adds quite a bit more content. And playing as Rosalina is awesome.

                                      1. No. I don’t usually bother with DLC. The games should be bigger in the first place, without having to pay more just to add it and make it the game it should have already been.

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