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8-Bit Gaming Challenges Takashi Tezuka To Play Their Super Mario Maker Level

The YouTube channel 8-Bit Gaming, recently challenged Super Mario Maker Producer, Takashi Tezuka, along with the title’s Director and Senior Director, Yosuke Oshino and Yoshikazu Yamashita, to play through their Super Mario Maker level.

The level seemed to bring great amusement to the trio, with Tezuka plunging Mario to his death within the first part of the level, soon to be followed by Oshino and Yoshikazu both making similar mistakes – despite watching previously. Will any of them make it through the entire level? You can find out by watching the full clip here.

13 thoughts on “8-Bit Gaming Challenges Takashi Tezuka To Play Their Super Mario Maker Level”

  1. Mario maker? I cant understand why people want ridley in mario maker, all he would do is destroy blocks. And dive at mario and luigi

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    1. Yeah too many traps. The branching path was a good idea since it doesn’t straight out kill you. Instead of a door that kills you they could have dropped you into a hard area that you at least have a chance of escaping.

      Really hope in an update they implement the checkpoint system.

    2. This is probably just a Kaizo-lite coursee for the heck of it, but anyone who complains about the “bad level design” in recent Mario titles and then creates something like this might as well burn the words “I’M A MORON” into their foreheads with a branding iron.

    3. Man, that guy with the stupid earrings at the beginning of this looks SO idiotic! And that’s sugar coating what I was originally going to say.

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