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Nintendo Has Joined Khronos Group As A Contributor Member


The Khronos Group which creates open standards for the authoring and acceleration of parallel computing, graphics, dynamic media, computer vision and sensor processing, has confirmed via its website that Nintendo is now a contributor member joining the likes of EA, Google and Valve. You can check out which other prestigious companies which are members of the group in the image, above.


50 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Joined Khronos Group As A Contributor Member”

      1. The Khronos Group is an American not-for-profit member-funded industry consortium based in Beaverton, Oregon, focused on the creation of open standard, royalty-free application programming interfaces (APIs) for authoring and accelerated playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices. Khronos members may contribute to the development of Khronos API specifications, vote at various stages before public deployment, and accelerate delivery of their platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests.

      1. You must not like technology. You know, considering how Lucas Arts is a pioneer in cgi, Amazon was the first major internet retailer, Microsoft or Apple developing the OS you are using right now, the dozens of things Google does like Google maps self-driven cars and glucose detecting contacts, Unity making a great development tool, COLLEGES, etc.

        I would accuse you of being Amish, but here you are posting a silly comment. Maybe a Mennonite?

        1. Exactly. And THAT is why i don`t like this news.
          I fear BAD for the NX. And THAT exactly is what i thought would happen.

          Its the kind of thing which happened to Apple. Apple transgendered you can call it. And since it happened, Apple is just => Crap today.

          When Apple lost its mastermind, it also lost its intelligence/creativity.

                1. Like what? Floaty Brawl with crappy online? MK6 with sliding controls? Lackluster 3rd party ports that are half assed? Or maybe the tsunami of shovelware shit that flooded the Wii’s gates? The only few hardcore games I can state are Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy 1 and Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy.

                    1. Well, I liked Brawl, so that’s your opinion, and MKWii, but yes, those games you have stated are hardcore, and if that’s all you liked that’s your opinion. Look, I get a headache if I sit in front of the T.V. too long, so casual gaming is kind of nice once in a while. I got MKWii and SSBB to unlock absolutely everything in the game and now I have so I play something else. It’s time to move on, Nintendo is trying to move on, they’ve made their mistakes and they’re hopefully starting again. Your opinion is yours, and mine is mine. The Wii sold over 100 million consoles, so that seems to speak for itself. I am done talking to you, I didn’t mean to turn this into an argument.
                      A note: What were you when you started gaming? Were you immediately a hardcore gamer? Most of the people I know didn’t like games such as MG because they were “too hard”. Mario bros Wii is too hard for most of the people I know. This is an age where the two groups of gamers (casual and hardcore) is starkly different, and Nintendo is trying to cater to both. Yes, a lot of the Wii games were crud, but a lot of them were good, and hopefully the NX is something good.

                      1. Brawl did have a better single player/story mode, mini game, soundtrack and more balanced roster with the least amount of clones and they weren’t OP like Little Mac. I don’t get the argument about Meta Knight in Brawl BESIDES the endless gliding issue. I loved Meta Knight in Brawl more than 4. MK6 was okay for the most part. At least the online didn’t suffer like Brawl did.

                        Wii sold well because of its controls that forever changed the rules of gameplay. Gamepad didn’t do shit but merely and pathetically pretended to be an iPad trying to take back the casual audience because the iPad is huge and popular around the time.

                        1. I never got the Meta Knight thing either. I find him just as normal as any of the other characters in terms of fighting against him, the standard attack can be abused but that’s it.
                          Oh, and Charizard has endless gliding but no one complains about him. So does Pit, and you can abuse several of his moves, but no one complains about him, either.

                          1. That’s because the fanbase has no fucking sense of complaints. Always supporting any and all BS factors from Nintendo like the dumbass drones they are. Oh and speaking of broken Smash characters, Little Mac is OP as fuck and way too fast for a mere one spot standing boxer. He should be a bit similar to Ryu.

                            1. If by “hardcores” you mean non-constructive, complaining, condescending douchebags like you, good riddance I say.

                              …why are you still alive, anyway?

                              1. Dude… That’s way too harsh. Thestrangablog, and other hardcore gamers, can be annoying with their complaining, entitlement, and the way they look down on casual gamers, but I don’t think he shouldn’t be alive. That’s way too far.

                              2. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Valve, EA, Blizzard, Amazon, Adobe, Google, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Samsung, Apple, Epic Games, IBM, Panasonic, Toshiba, and University of Cambridge collaboration console confirmed.

                              3. It is a good thing.
                                Khronos is currently developing the Vulkan API, an accelerated (i.e. less overhead) version of OpenGL, that is based on the ideas of AMD/ATI’s Mantle API (which prompted Microsoft into creating DX 12).
                                That means, that Nintendo has at least interest in Vulkan and that there is a good chance that the NX-system has a Vulkan-enabled GPU. Whoever has had a look at the Revolution SDK (= Wii Dev System) will immediately notice, that some of the concepts of Vulkan are not entirely new to Nintendo.
                                To conclude, Nintendo likes sleek and hardware-efficient tools and Khronos’ Vulkan will provide that. I foresee a golden graphics future for Big N!

                                  1. Sorry, but i HATE AMD ;) So for ME, its a BAD THING. Bad news. Deal with it.

                                    Next graphics-card i will buy is an Nvidia-one. Not a stupid AMD-one.

                                    1. Btw: YOU FAIL with your sentence of “Khronos’ Vulkan will provide that” FAIL!: AMD = 100% inefficiency. Everything which AMD does today is INEFFICIENT: Just that simple to desccribe it. And thats why i hate AMD.

                                      The AMD we know- the one of 1990s/2000s is GONE. Replaced by a cheap AMD, where temperature-sensors in cpu does not WORK! AMD is now fucking cheap and SLOW. I don`t want AMD in my console.

                                      So for me this is a clear point to NOT buy the NX. Whatever it is of course.

                                    1. Not really. For me its just another sign of => the WiiU will be and remain my LAST CONSOLE. Bye bye consoles…it was a nice time with you…Now its time to move on…

                                  2. I’d love to see Nintendo partner with a company like Google or Samsung in the making of their next consoles. It probably won’t happen, but they definitely could use the help. Nintendo is so much smaller compared to Microsoft and Sony that it’s no wonder they’re lagging behind.

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