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Europe: Louie And New Items Will Be Released For Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Nintendo has announced via Twitter that a free DLC will be available from October 2nd for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in Europe.

The DLC features the villager – Louie – who can be seen in previous iterations of the Animal Crossing series, along with some exclusive new items. The picture shows the items that look to be included such as the Fire Flower, Power-up Mushroom, and a portrait of Louie. Unfortunately, there’s no news on whether this DLC will be made available to other countries as of yet. You can read our recently published Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer review, here.

15 thoughts on “Europe: Louie And New Items Will Be Released For Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer”

  1. DLC is making me skeptical about buying games lately. Because I keep feeling like game companies are making games incomplete just so they can charge extra for content later. Especially when they release DLC soon after a game releases.

    1. That is literally Donkey Kong in a Mario shirt. Like… And by the way meanwhile in North America the game will be available this damn Firday and they don’t announce anything special. Europe always winning.

      1. How does that make sense? They’ve already spent a majority of the time and effort they’re going to spend on this game… the minute effort it takes to craft a piece of DLC wouldn’t do much good if directed at another game.

        …That is, unless you don’t mind the game being released in 2020 or something.

              1. At this point one probably isn’t planned for the Wii U. By the looks of things they wanted to get Animal Crossing amiibos kind of off the ground, so two games were made with that intention in mind, heavily integrated with the amiibos, one to a poit where you need them to play. I imagine they didn’t want to bother making a full AC game for the Wii U this late in it’s console cycle, and instead set their minds on the NX, much like the metroid team did.

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