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Video: Yo-Kai Watch Anime Will Be Shown Before Game’s Launch

Level 5 has announced that the Yo-Kai Watch anime will premiere ahead of the game’s launch in North America. The show will begin on Disney XD next month. From October 5th the show will air every evening at 5pm then it will air weekly at the same time slot. The Yo-Kai Watch franchise has been a huge success in Japan and Level 5 and Disney will be looking to replicate this in the United States and Europe. Yo-Kai is coming to North America on November 6th. You can watch the trailer for season one of the Yo-Kai Watch anime, below.


25 thoughts on “Video: Yo-Kai Watch Anime Will Be Shown Before Game’s Launch”

  1. smart move. It’ll sell better this way. Not that it’ll be the “Pokemon Killer” some make it out to be, but it’ll sell better.

    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      Who said they want this to be a Pokemon Killer? If anything, it will hopefully force Game Freak to do better with Pokemon as they finally have some good competition to force them to strive for more.

    2. Yep, good strategy. Just like the Pokemon TV show, this will be a 30 min advertisement for the game every week.

      Get them kids hooked, bwaha.

  2. Good decision. Launching the Pokemon anime in the USA at the same time the video games and cards came out is why it originally launched soo well.

    Doing the same here is smart.

  3. Something this lazy and derivative doesn’t deserve to gross dollar one.

    Sigh, that, of course, pretty much guarantees it’ll make loads more than that -_-

    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      Why? Don’t tell me because it’s “ripping off” Pokemon. Pokemon is getting stale because there isn’t a very good alternative. If Yo-kai Watch does as good as Pokemon, we could be so lucky because then it might force Game Freak to quit playing it safe with Pokemon so much.

    2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      If that’s not why, my bad. All this hate for so called rip offs is getting a bit silly since there is no such thing as a true original idea these days.

    1. At least the other 2 are successful, even if Pokemon had its games and Digimon as its Anine series (jap dub)

      But sometimes, the opposite happens as well (Pokemon origins and Digimon Cybersluth)

    1. CN has Pokemon

      Nick has Digimon (it’s dub sucks so fucking much)

      It would only make since to put this monster franchise-killer on xd when people only watch it for Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil and Star Wars: Rebels.

      1. Yeah but this dub is going to suck too, I can already tell.
        Deep down, so does the Pokemon dubs.
        I guess it doesn’t matter really.
        If people want to watch the dark humor originals, just watch it Subbed.

        Disney is totally going to cut out the public urination parts.

  4. Unfortunate that Disney XD has it; not as many people have access to that channel. Would have been smarter to put it on the actual Disney channel….or have had Cartoon Network buy the rights.

  5. Yeah this won’t kill Pokemon.
    I really enjoyed the subbed version of this anime.
    But I can’t see Disney doing justice to the series.
    That trailer was already proof enough it’s not going to hold the same charm.

    Seems like now since Digimon is trying to make a comeback, it’s probably them who will be giving Youkai-Watch some trouble, not Pokemon.

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