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Miyamoto And Tezuka Ponder Who Should Play Link And Mario Bros In Live Action

Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka have participated in a rather fun interview with MTV. The point of the interview was to ask the talented creators who should play iconic Nintendo characters in fictitious live action movies. They both stressed that they currently have no plans for live action titles featuring the Mario Bros and Link from The Legend of Zelda. Anyway, here’s their interesting answers.


“It would be very fun and awesome if Link was played by a female actress, a boyish female actress.”

Miyamoto responds: “This is something I never imagined because Link is very different to how a Japanese person looks. At the Japanese Expo I attended there were so many people in cosplay who looked very good. They would be good [actors]!”

He reiterates his desire for an unknown actor, saying: “With Japanese TV drama and film they always use the same actors, so I actually think we should have someone completely new.”

Mario and Luigi:

“One thing we can say about the original film was that Luigi was very young and handsome in the original movie,” says Miyamoto. “But Mario and Luigi are supposed to be twins. So a new cast would definitely have to be twins.”

Live Action:

“Regarding Mario and Link films, Miyamoto stresses that Nintendo does not have anything in the works, but that the company is “definitely interested and open to it.” The interview contains a few other interesting tidbits as well – for instance, Miyamoto reveals that the iconic plumber brothers were originally made as twins with similar sprites to keep within the game’s memory limitations.”

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14 thoughts on “Miyamoto And Tezuka Ponder Who Should Play Link And Mario Bros In Live Action”

  1. I didn’t know Mario & Luigi were twins… I always thought Mario was a few years older. I guess you learn something new everyday, huh.

  2. Haha, I like how Miyamoto references the original Mario Bros. Film. Damn, that film was off the hook. I hope Mario and Luigi appear in something like Wreck-It Ralph, but in a standalone film? I feel like there’s so much that is lost in translation when turning a video game into a film.

  3. The best way to have a successful Nintendo based movie… would be to make it animated like wreck it ralph, and also not trying to make a serious story… because most nintendo games are simplistic in story telling.

    So my best bet would be to make a Smash Brothers Movie, where you can have a lot of dumb stories, together with a big dumb story, and just focus on the interactions of the characters.

    That way you can keep loyal to the source material, for example you can have Link not talking at all, and you can have all crazy game related jokes.

    If they try to make a serious, live action movie, my the best candidate would be Metroid.

  4. If they got a woman to play the Super Mario Bros. OR Link, that’s it! I would forever hate the movie, and hate whoever caused that to happen. The characters would be destroyed. I’ve always HATED when I saw females portraying male characters. Like Sandy Duncan playing Peter Pan. Ugh! I’d rather see Justin Beiber play Link than to see a woman. And that’s a huge statement, seeing as how I can’t stand Justin Beiber.

  5. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    Well Peter Pan use to be played by women a lot in the old days in plays, so I can respect them wanting to do the same with Link since he is inspired by Pan. But I’d rather it be a guy. Otherwise, love scenes between Link or any of the dozens of girls chasing him would be kind of weird. Hot, since Link would be played by a chick, but weird. lol

    I love how they mentioned the old Super Mario Bros movie. Even though it ignored most of the source material, I enjoyed the movie for what it was: entertainment. But yeah, it would be a smart idea to reference that Super Mario Bros movie when doing a remake… so you know what NOT to do in a Super Mario Bros live action movie.

    Either way, give me a live action Legend of Zelda & Metroid movie some day, damn it! Get Ridley Scott to do the Metroid movie. Otherwise, we might get Federation Farce in live action instead of a true Metroid.

      1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

        ||Your dreams are typical, young prodigal, for someone in utter despair, but immense dreamers such as yourself always fail to reach their unreachable hallucinations……

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