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Analysts Praise Super Mario Maker Advertising But Doubt Anything Will “Save” Wii U

Technology publication Fortune has gathered together a bunch of analysts to discuss the promising advertising campaign for Nintendo’s latest big title, Super Mario Maker. While the analysts agree that nothing will propel the Wii U to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One levels they believe that Nintendo has really stepped it up with Super Mario Maker adverts which focus on the nostalgia factor. Here’s what the analysts who were interview by fortune thought.

“One of the things that I think Nintendo really hit [with Super Mario Maker] was the nostalgia factor in their marketing,” says Christine Arrington, games analyst at IHS. “You see them hitting the market that has been a fan of Mario since they were kids 30 years ago and now many of them have young children. There is a significant ‘family moment’ that Nintendo is really selling around the experience.”

“Mario is, by far, the single largest video game property ever,” John Taylor, managing director at Arcadia Investment Corp. It’s where you start in scaling the size of the market globally for games.”

“I doubt that anything can save the Wii U,” says Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. “Anyone who has waited this long is unlikely to be swayed by this game, although I would imagine you’ll see a sales spike of a few hundred thousand units over the next several months.”

“Eventually, I do think that Super Mario will be a driver for mobile revenue,” Arrington explains. “It is part of a strong portfolio of content that will translate well to mobile devices.”

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98 thoughts on “Analysts Praise Super Mario Maker Advertising But Doubt Anything Will “Save” Wii U”

    1. The Wii U is a fucking failure, it fucking sucks. I hate Nintendo, they are so boring… Nothing they can do can put them in a better direction. All the news has been lackluster because Nintendo has lost their touch. I don’t understand why you guys still play on their shitty consoles. Sony and Microsoft are a MILLION times better than this shitty ass company. I hope Nintendo crashes and burns.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>It’s amusing how the ones liking your “sarcastic” comment earlier are “Nintendo Fans”>>>

            1. I prefer to just be a fan of gaming in general, and even though i like nintendo and won’t stop liking, them i am known to call them out on their shit. Just cause you love a company does not mean you gotta put up with their shit.

              1. Welcome to my world! (It doesn’t win you any popularity contests tho, but I’d rather be straight up than be known as a Troll OR a Nintendo Worshiper.)

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>You think that by selling your Wii U, you made a difference? Your purchase is registered FOREVER>>>

  1. Yeah. With the start that the Wii U had, the negativity that the console receives on a normal basis, and the fact that games are growing sparser by the day for the Wii U, I don’t think that the Wii U could be revived by anything at all. It’s a great console by all means (with my favorite games this generation of consoles), but it didn’t have the impact of the Wii or PS4 in terms of immediate success.

  2. The Wii U doesn’t need “saving”. People just needs to start enjoying what it has to offer, and stop comparing the sales to other consoles. I feel sorry for all of the people who never bought a Wii U. There’s some fantastic games they’re missing out on. And their stupid pride will forever stop them from experiencing them. I mean, how can anyone stand playing nothing BUT M rated games? There’s SO many people who put the Wii U down (or Nintendo in general) for being childish. But MAN, at least I can play Nintendo games without constantly hearing the F word over and over.

    1. I see your point. But what bothers the most this generation is that Nintendo purposely abandoned itst home console branch. Yes, the Wii U has a number of good games, but for a consumer standpoint, the way Nintendo conducted things really pisses me off. When I buy a product, I want, at least, a decent support for it. I expected Nintendo to do their best to make the Wii U a great console, but all they threw on us — specially NoA — was a truckload of lies: “The Wii U will have heavy 3rd party support!”; “There will be no droughts!”; “The Wii U is one step ahead of the others due to the gamepad!”; so on, so forth.

      1. how the hell did nintendo abandon it’s home console branch when they are the only ones releasing games for it. I also believe they are devs with the most games released this gen. 3rd party decisions are based on the money and not on how much a company begs. There’s a reason why most people don’t develop for windows phones and it’s not because microsoft isn’t asking devs to make apps for them.

        1. Like delaying games left and right, not producing or allowing anyone to produce the actual hardcore games people wanted like F-Zero or a proper Metroid follow up of Prime. So yes, they did abandoned their true fans and E3 2015 proved that exactly.

            1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

              Too bad it was rushed & incomplete. I would have not minded another delayed game since we were already in a game drought, anyway, so rushed or delayed wouldn’t have changed that fact. I’d rather have delays than incomplete games. Maybe Splatoon 2 will learn from the mistakes of the first game.

                1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                  And? That doesn’t change the fact Splatoon made mistakes. The Wii & Wii U are considered successful & are loved but that doesn’t change the fact those two consoles made a ton of mistakes. The Wii for catering to fickle casuals that left Nintendo as soon as mobile games started to take off & the Wii U for carrying on the stupid Wii name when it had a bunch of negativity attached to said name. Oh & making the Gamepad integral instead of optional since the only thing it’s really used for on a regular basis is off-tv play while most 3rd parties & Nintendo themselves ignore the thing for the most part. But by all means, pretend the profits & the love erases it’s mistakes. I guess Obama, Bush, etc were great presidents & made no mistakes whatsoever during their runs because they were considered successful & were loved by some, if not most.

      2. Yeah, I agree. I think Nintendo made more mistakes with the Wii U than any previous console. From the lies to the horrible advertising. Even the name “Wii U”. They did EVERYTHING wrong! The only thing they did RIGHT is make the console in HD. But even with that, they didn’t give the consoles enough memory to save games. I mean, only 8GB and 32GB models instead of 500GB models like the PS3 has? And sadly, I have the 8GB model. Simply because I didn’t want yet another black, dust collecting console. And I never bought a separate hard drive for it. So I keep having to delete files to make room for others.

        I hope Nintendo is taking notes and fixes ALL of these problems with the NX.

        1. You hit the nail dead on the head bro!!
          Because the Wii U “WILL NEVER HAVE THE APPEAL & LONGEVITY PAST NINTENDO SYSTEMS HAD”. & I’m a Wii U supporter not a hater! But all that you mentioned is true. With the addition of:

          The only thing they got right are the games & how you can buy a portable external hard drive. But even with that you need a certain EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. Not just any hard drive with Wii U written on the package will do. All in all… It’s too bad the Wii U will always appear to be a failure but honestly IT’S A UNDER ACHEIVER!! Because those analyst are correct in one thing: ANYONE STILL SITTING ON THE FENCE ABOUT GETTING A WII U WILL NEVER GET ONE!! ZELDA OR NOT!!!
          Hopefully this NX will come out the gate stronger than the Wii U has.

          1. Sadly, I’ve never been much of a fan of the Gamepad either. In the beginning, I thought it looked cool, and I couldn’t wait to hold it in my hands and play on it. But when I finally did, I discovered that it was too bulky and heavy. And made playing games very awkward. My hands always ache after using it. Though I actually liked using it in Assassin’s Creed IV. But using it in Pikmin 3 was a NIGHTMARE. I kept making mistakes and pressing the wrong buttons during the heat of battle. I wanted to use the regular Wii remote SO bad (but couldn’t due to technical reasons).

            Oh, I also hate having to look up and down when using the Gamepad. Makes me dizzy (especially when playing those rail cart stages in Captain Toad). I just find it completely unnecessary MOST of the time. It’s only useful in certain games.

            Saying all of these negative things about the Wii U saddens me, because I’ve been a hardcore Nintendo fan since the NES (and always will be). But facts are facts, and I can’t sugar-coat them. I just hope that Nintendo isn’t blind to these mistakes. I want to see them reign supreme like they did during the NES and Super NES days.

      3. 1st Party Abandoned WiiU 1st, 3rd Party Abandoned WiiU 2nd. Ninty fans Abandoned WiiU 3rd.

        1st Party came back. Only Fanatics, casuals, and a few hardcore that didn’t want the hassle of selling their system were left.

        Install-base flatlined, but still manages to turn a profit since those left buy almost every Ninty game, because that’s all there is to choose from. (and a few kick-ass indies) oh. And Nintendo brough Chests of Golf. I mean Amiibo. The make good profits on Scalpers, while the Scalpers make massive profits on Fans.

        There you have it. Nintendo Ecology 101.

        1. Sir, you just won the internet. So many truths in so little space.

          A) “1st Party Abandoned WiiU 1st” (LOL! Never tought about that. Pretty much this!)

          B) “Install-base flatlined, but still manages to turn a profit since those left buy almost every Ninty game, because that’s all there is to choose from.”

          C) “They make good profits on Scalpers, while the Scalpers make massive profits on Fans.”

          That’s exactly what sadly happened this generation. Kudos for you, Drybones.

          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

            Sadly, the fanboys & worshipers with their blind faith in Nintendo would say otherwise. That we’re just “exaggerating.” As long as Nintendo has puppets like that, they will be just fine when those of us calling Nintendo’s bullshit & failures out finally have enough & join the rest of the people that abandoned Nintendo long before the Wii U’s release.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Stranga Profile: Nintendo hater, Tourettes, Appling Worshiper, OCD over Wii U bashing, delusional about people, specially me

          Jtz Profile: Nintendo hater, OCD about R&D and 2008, OCD over repeating itself with the same comments over and over again

  3. Yeah, I was caught by this nostalgia. To be honest, it’s pretty cool to feel like that. That makes me remember all the nights I spent awake to beat Super Mario World when I was a teenager.

    That’s the reason Nintendo should have improved the Virtual Console service and provided virtually ALL NES, SNES, N64, GCN and Game Boy Color/Advance on the Wii U, and marketed it as “the home console on which you can play the games of your life”. But Nintendo showed to be too lazy to do the right thing, once they wrote the Wii U off and largely favored the 3DS this generation.

  4. I’m surprised. I was expecting quite a bit of “YOUR WRONG ITS NOT DIEING”, but seeing well thought, well worded comments is a nice change. Then again, It could just be past their bedtimes.

      1. I agree that the Wii U is not doing well compared to its predecessor, neither the competition. But the Wii U sales, competing with the Mobile market atm are doing fine

        Just look at the PS4/XOne sales, they are ahead but a few Ks(normally 2-4)

        Like it or not, the Wii U didnt do well, but it’s not true that the console is doomed

      1. did you read my second post?


        Here goes again, summarized.

        Look at the Ps4/XOne numbers

        If the Wii U is doomed, both of those are as well, as they are, weekly, getting similar numbers

        Look at the massive 3DS sales, they are now small compared to what they were used to be

          1. I just like seeing facts. Actually, it’s been awhile since the 10 million passed was said this year. They average 3.54 a year or 3.31 million a year.

        1. I hope so. But I’m not buying the NX unless it’s a handheld (ish) or launches with a Zelda, Metroid, F Zero, Starfox or an HD remake of one of the above. Or a starwars title…or…anything but fucking Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, or the other colorful fluffy IP’s.

          Disclaimer: I have nothing against colorful, fluffy IP’s except I don’t personally like them. I want a “Mature” (Darkish, space opera, drama, action) with a story and developed characters.

          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

            Eh it depends on the type of Mario game we get, though. if it’s in the vein of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, a true Paper Mario, or something entirely new that isn’t a carbon copy of 3D Land/3D World or the New series.

            1. Yep, fair enough. But if all it launches with is Mario, I won’t commit to a console no matter what kind of mario it is. Just me personally!

  5. So now they’re just going to milk as much out of it as they can and then start over with the NX. Well, hopefully start over. If they’ve learned anything, it will be that they cannot add on to the Wii U, or try to make it more popular with a hybrid model.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Remember when you used to as well until very recently? Yes, stop damage controlling yourself hypocrite and unlike others, I don’t assume anything 5 months after the release of a console or product to judge it as a whole, 3 years however is plenty of time to judge it>>>

        >>>And as usual you’ll now spit nonsense like always saying I defended Federation Force, Animal Crossing Festival and Amiibo when I’ve always said the opposite about those things since their reveal>>>

        >>>Maybe if you stopped smoking joint like that homosexual hating pothead Skeletons420, you wouldn’t be this stupid today>>>

  6. I haven’t seen an ad on TV for Super Mario Maker. The last ad I seen was for Mario Kart 8. Well over a year ago. The last ad before that was probably Pikmin 3. There hasn’t been much Wii U advertising in general. I seen less than 10 ads in its lifetime. PS4 and XB1 ads I’ve seen literally hundreds of times. Nintendo probably figure “why waste our money”? And if they’re on kiddy channels, then I’m never going to see them and neither will a massive part of their potential market.

  7. Pretty much nothing will save it and to those remaining fools saying otherwise, they have to wait another year for the games and chances are those “exclusive Wii U games” like Zelda or Star Fox remake #2 will see themselves on NX anyway, a year later and better ports at the same price or did they also happen to forget what they did with Hyrule Warriors too.

  8. I do agree with some analysts that nothing now will save the wii U. Nintendo displayed a total lack of support for this product and the E3 2015 was a prime example of it. Let’s face it Nintendo and their marketing are very local and Japanese oriented. This is good for some of their business but Nintendo failed to look outside Japan (or Asia) hence why they put a lot of effort in 3DS (and new 3DS) but not enough on the wii U where the home console market is more popular in the west. I don’t know what NoA and NoE doing but clearly they don’t have any inputs or they comments are not taking on board during R&D phase.

    Personnaly I will skip the NX cause 1) I don’t think the NX will be that’s great. 2) I have a wii U and want to make the most of it and do not want to buy the new shiny thing. 3) Nintendo is likely going to release a new hardware compatible with the NX when PS5 or the next XBOX will be out.

    1. I’ll put the NX on hold, no matter what it is, a handheld or a home console. I won’t skip it totally, but definitely I’ll wait at least a couple of years before getting it.

  9. Last time I checked, the Wii U became profitable per unit sold a good while ago, and it still has better attach rate than the competition.

    People really need to define ‘saving’.

    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      That’s Nintendo’s problem. They are happy with the low sales & low profit from the Wii U. So happy in fact that they are not even trying to do better for the console and might just be pushing the NX out sooner rather than later. So yes. The Wii U does need saving but it’s not going to happen because even Nintendo has realized they’ve fucked up, even though they won’t come out & directly say it, and are just letting the Wii U float out to sea at this point.

  10. I have loved Nintendo like my own child ever since i was younger.
    But some times.. you gotta give a child a spanking and shove him in a damn corner until he learns to straighten his ass up and fly right!

  11. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    It’s sad that most of us are in agreement with Pachter for once. :/ Or is it the other way around? Eh, it doesn’t matter either way at this point. The Wii U is doomed to be mediocre with mediocre sales & mediocre profit. It’d be nice to be proven wrong by Nintendo as they somehow make the Wii U a bigger success but I won’t hold my breathe for that miracle. After this year is up, I’m going after a PS4. Then when this generation nears it’s end & the Xbone is cheap as hell, I’ll get it for Rare Replay and maybe that Scalebound game from PlatinumGames if I can find it by then.

    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      As for NX if it comes out in 2016, I won’t get it if there isn’t at least 3-5 big 1st party Nintendo titles on the console at launch.

        1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

          Someone’s mad I’m not bending over for Nintendo like him. It’s okay. You’ll wake up to Nintendo’s lies & bullshit some day. The fact you aren’t bending over & telling Nintendo Federation Force was a great idea for a Metroid game tells me there is hope for you, young padawan.

      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

        Good word to use to describe the mediocre Wii U. Not good, not great, not awesome, not excellent. Just fine.

      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

        If you knew as much as you think you know about everyone on this blog, you would know The Collector DOES have a Wii U.

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