Best Buy: Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Available For Pre-order


Those of you who were holding out for the Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition bundle from Best Buy for whatever reason can now put down your pre-order. The item is available for $89.99 and contains the art book and the digital soundtrack. Xenoblade Chronicles X is due to be released on December 4th.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6


  1. It would be interesting if half of the copies sold were from the special edition. Everyone that I know who is interested, has preordered the special edition.

    Anyone here who is only getting the standard edition?

      1. You can preorder the special for free online using paypal on the gamestop website. You dont have to pay a cent until it ships december 2nd. I’ve just been putting $20 in my paypal. Every 2 weeks. Got 60 in it so far. Soon, I’ll hit the $102 mark♪~

    1. I was gonna just get the standard, but couldn’t resist. Honestly I’m not a big fan of this SE, as it doesn’t have anything I’m interested in (except the game)…. The art book is kinda cool…… I guess…..

  2. Preordered, again. I already have a preorder with Gamestop, but I have the membership that gets me 20% off with BB. But I also know they can be spotty when it comes to these special releases so won’t cancel my Gamestop one until I know this has shipped.

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