Here’s A Look At The Scrapped Conker Game Conker: Gettin’ Medieval

Rare has decided to lift the lid on one of their secret projects for the Xbox that was canned. The game is Conker: Gettin’ Medieval and was initially planned to be a multiplayer experience with some thoroughly edgy characters. Rare says that the game wasn’t set to be a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day as many had presumed. There isn’t much gameplay footage, but there’s plenty of intriguing concept art shared.



  1. No wonder it got canned. Two things majorly wrong for the game that would have ruined it: solely online & Conker would just be a guest star. Yep. They were smart to can this project if they never intended to change from those two problems.


      1. xD If you are going to do a spin off that doesn’t even have the main franchise’s main character in said spin off as the main character, you never, EVER name the game after the true franchise. Example: Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Either add Metroid Prime as the subtitle to show it’s a spin off of that franchise or don’t include the main franchise’s name in the title at all. Otherwise, you are just trying to make that game leech off the success of another franchise’s name.

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      2. Ugh… Metroid going chibi or family friendly is like making a PG Alien movie. FUCK that shit! I’d rather see these franchises wiped from existence then see them be made family friendly. There’s thousands, hell I’d go so far as to say millions, of family friendly alternatives, so leave the more adult oriented content the fuck alone. NintenDOH! needs to get that through their thick, bloody skulls. They have Splatoon now. Use that if they want a family friendly shooter franchise for little kiddies & those that act like cussing, artistic nudity, & voice chat are going to corrupt their poor wittle souls or break their fragile little hearts & minds! Exactly why I’m giving up my fight against Splatoon after this. The fans that know its “free” content isn’t really free since they did pay 60 bucks for an incomplete game that got updates to finish it over the next 3 months, fanboys, & casuals can have it. I hope Federation Farce bombs harder than Other M so they know not to ever, EVER do chibi or family friendly bullshit with Metroid again. If that has the unfortunate side effect of another Metroid never getting made again, so be it. As I said, I’d rather it be dead then turned into something it shouldn’t even be turned into.


      3. The ironic part is that more adults play Splatoon than kids do though. And you’re right- there are a few things that should have been there from the start like friend lobbies and Rainmaker mode, but I still support the game. Why? Because it lets Nintendo know that we still want new franchises and not 4 Mario and Zelda games every year like they’ve been doing. And in all honesty, Splatoon gets more things right than it gets wrong. And yes, Metroid would be better off dead before it becomes casualized and transformed into Mega Bloks Asteroid Soccer and becomes irreparably damaged. I know me and other true Metroid fans will not buy this as it is currently built and styled now.


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