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Here’s A Breakdown For Shovel Knight Sales

Shovel Knight is an example of a third-party game on Nintendo platforms that has done extremely well for itself. Yacht Club Games has provided a breakdown which shows that Nintendo platforms had 50% of the sales. Granted the game came out on the Wii U before other platforms, but it is still an impressive feat.

Shovel Knight had 32 percent of its audience on Steam, 30 percent on 3DS, 20 percent on Wii U, 14 percent on Sony, and 4 percent on Xbox.

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10 thoughts on “Here’s A Breakdown For Shovel Knight Sales”

        1. It’s likely that the Nintendo exclusive boss will be released alongside one of the future DLCs, as releasing an update for a single boss would just be silly.

      1. you can’t separate 3DS sales from Wii U sales, the nintendo E-shop is the equvilent to steam, and the e-shop(which includes both wii u and 3ds) is selling 50% as they said above, so nintendo is selling the most shovel knight copies

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