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Pokemon Butt Merchandise Available For Purchase In October

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Fascinated with Pokemon butts? Well you are not the only one as the Pokemon Company believes there’s a trend in Japan for such things so they have created the HIP POP! Parade. This brand new line of merchandising spans soft cushions, magnets and also phone straps. These will be available for purchase on October 10th and includes the following content.

  • Pikachu and Swablu cushions, 2,500 yen each (US $20.80)
  • Soft and fuzzy rears for your phones and bags, 700 yen each ($5.80)
  • Pass cases for your commuter cards, 1,150 yen each ($9.50)
  • Rubber charms, 1,000 yen for the set ($8.30)
  • Butt pouches, 1,150 yen each ($9.50)
  • Squishy magnets, 600 yen each ($5)
  • Foldable eco-bags with Pikachu and Growlithe, 1,800 yen each ($15)
  • Coasters – 600 yen each ($5), cups – 1,300 yen each ($10.80), hand towel – 500 yen ($4.20)
  • Men’s and women’s Pikachu boxer shorts, 1,500 yen each ($12.50)
  • File folders, 240 yen each ($2)
  • Artistic tape, 600 yen ($5)



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42 thoughts on “Pokemon Butt Merchandise Available For Purchase In October”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    If they are serious about this, they forgot Gardevoir, Lopunny, & the slew of other humanoid Pokemon. xD It would be less creepy if this was of them instead of Pokemon like Pikachu. @.@

    1. It would be… LESS creepy? I don’t think people buy these keychains because their turned on by them or anything, but because they’re cute. If they had a Lopunny butt up there, I mean, Jesus, I think a LOT more creepy shit would go down, don’t you think?

          1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

            Yeah, but some anons here post essays in all caps which is insanely annoying. It’s too hard to keep track of one specific anon, so all have to suffer, unfortunately. On the bright side, least this site will be much cleaner now.

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