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Super Mario Maker Player Lets Out Tears Of Joy After Beating A Difficult Level

If you’ve been dabbling in Super Mario Maker‘s online features, you may have come across some levels that seem to be near-impossible to beat. One user in Japan challenged himself to complete one of the most difficult user-created levels out there and managed to complete it, which led him to let out a victorious scream and shed a series of tears of joy. Upon hearing his cries in the video above, you can only imagine how many tries it took him to make it to that point. An applaudable feat indeed.


21 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Player Lets Out Tears Of Joy After Beating A Difficult Level”

  1. I can’t believe someone beat this already. Well I guess it was released for sometime now so someone would eventually have to come and beat it.

  2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    And they call the part in Other M where you have to run through a hot area without the Varia Suit while dodging a fucking boss a Hell Run. xD I don’t blame the kid. I’d be this fucking excited too after beating a level like THAT AND burst into tears. Of course, I won’t even try to do that level. EVER. I enjoy a challenge on occasion but yikes.

    1. Well, that was difficult and stupid for the wrong reasons. THIS though… this is sadistic but would make you feel glorious when you succeed.

      When/if you get the game, check out some of my levels- I think they could provide a fun challenge, or even if you don’t find them difficult they could still be fun to get through.

    2. Exactly. Some people upload no damage runs on some NES classics, like Contra, Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man — I watched a guy beating Mega Man 2 without being hit throughout few days ago — and I must say that anyone who achieves that skills levels has the all the right to burst into tears!

  3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Proof that there are still Elite Warriors in our empire, this warrior needs to be promoted at once>>>

  4. Wow, that means two people in the universe were able to beat that course. Kudos for both! I’ll never try this course for sure. :o

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