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Online Play For The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Will Be Region Locked

We know that The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes will be playable online, but what we didn’t know is that the online play will be region locked. This means that you will only be able to team up with people from your region. So if you’re from the UK and you have got a friend in the United States you won’t be able to team up with them. Kinda disappointing news, but it should help with latency.

“…You can only play with people on the same region. That should help with latency issues, but is a shame if you wanted to play with friends from around the world.”

“Also, there’s no voice support. When we played, we had to use Skype to communicate. You can send quick emoji-like messages (“over here!” “Totem up” “Item!”) which should help out, but if someone doesn’t understand the puzzle or how to defeat a boss it will be infuriating.”

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38 thoughts on “Online Play For The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Will Be Region Locked”

    1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

      Of Fucking course Nintendo, you just had to region lock another damn game even though being a Zelda Fan this is one title i will ignore plus the Links at a time just fucking stupid! One link please. This is getting to be as bad as metroid federation force.

  1. I saw this reported earlier, didn’t think too hard about it at the time but that’s actually quite irritating. There was a number of potential Americans I had considered playing with, but that’s out the window now I suppose. Not like there’s voice chat anyway though… matchmaking will probably end up being much the same as it would be otherwise I suppose

  2. Not really a huge issue, but sucks for people with friends in other region
    . Can the 3DS handle a open world online i know monster hunter has region locked online as well

    1. I would be irritated but seeing how Smash preforms, I’m glad. Although, they could just add a filter so you could chose whether you want to play with players worldwide, or within the same region.

      Just a suggestion, capcom has been doing it for a while with their games.

              1. It doesn’t. You can play with anyone in the world in MH4U.
                Which makes this whole thing make even less sense.

                MH4U is a game where latency would have a pretty big impact. However in my 600+ hours of playing this game, it has never once made the game less enjoyable.

                1. Doesn’t Monster hunter has its own servers? that means that its easier to make the Online, for what I get, Tri-Force Heroes doesn’t have its own servers, which means that if it isn’t region-locked then it will suffer from the problem that Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 doesn’t have.

                  1. *region locks multiplayer to reduce lag* *has a region called “Europe and Oceania”* Not that O plan to get this but I’m glad I import my consoles from the US. I compared the US and PAL versions of Wii Sports Club online in New Zealand and it’s no wonder so many stores have dropped Nintendo here, the PAL version kept matching me with people on the literal other side of the world and was unplayable while I got no lag on my imported US console. Also, we Use US keyboards in Oceania so where’s the US keyboard support Nimtendo’h?

                  2. Nintendo really doesn’t understand the importance of chat functions. They keep coming up with excuses not to include it, none of which are important or relevant. “We didn’t want players making other players feel bad” in Splatoon, a problem solved by shutting the chat off. Now this? What possible reason could you find for leaving it out? “To make a more challenging game” will probably be their response. This type of game is easy locally, like on GameCube with Four Swords, but if you’re struggling on a puzzle and one of the three of you knows the answer it’s likely they’ll have a hard time communicating how to do it with emoji-like messages. A text chat would be perfect for this game. It’s not difficult to put in filters for profanity and a feature to shut it off or disable it. Considering this game seems focused on multiplayer and I won’t be playing locally I’m most likely skipping this.

                    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                      Or in the case of Triforce heroes, they don’t want people to feel like they are being bossed around. Uhm… You’re working on a bloody team! You should actually LISTEN to your teammates when they know how to do something you don’t. *sigh* Excuses, excuses. But as long as they have people sticking up for their dumb excuses, Nintendo will never learn.

                    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                      As I said, this game gave me two red flags the moment I noticed the king & princess looked like Zelda CDi rejects. I hope it’s true that this game is non-canon to the official timeline.

                  3. lel people were complaining about the Japanese people they find in Splatoon and now they’re complaining they won’t find Japanese people in Zelda

                  4. First the $5400 to a pokemon fan and now this shit. Nintendo has always sucked with online, whether it comes to being exclusive with infinite connection issues, this crap or not adding online in games at all. Well, next year anything Nintendo will be on shelves while I bathe in the Playstation 4 goodness of gaming that’s about to happen that year. Have fun dying as a console company with the NX Nintendo and get your asses over to Sony and develop games for an actual console.

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                  6. you want to know how stuped the region lock idea is. well people in my contry which is NOT america or europe will play with people from america and europe so the whole idea to play in the same region is allrady faild cuz people from different countries will still play with people from different countries

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