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Some Users Are Experiencing A Game Freezing Bug In Freedom Planet

Some users have reported a game freezing bug that happens during a cut-scene in Freedom Planet. The title was just released in North America 4 days ago on October 1st, and is due for release in Europe and Australia in November.

The developer has acknowledged the issue via Miiverse, and posted the following information on how to avoid the bug for now, whilst they work on a patch:

“We’ve recently discovered that the game may freeze on some consoles in one specific cutscene. It happens after Fortune Night when Syntax the robot says “Hello sir. Have you beheaded the intruders yet?”

If the game freezes at this point, here are some solutions you can try to avoid it and continue with the game: 1. When
the cutscene and select Skip Scene from the menu. 3. Transfer the game from the Wii U console to an external hard drive and play it from there. You can find information on external devices through Nintendo’s web site. We will patch the game as soon as we can to fix this, but in the meantime, we hope these suggestions help. Thank you for playing!!”

Some users on Miiverse have expressed their dissatisfaction about the fact that there are still bugs present in the game, even after release date delays due to a game breaking bug previously. However, the developers have quickly acknowledged this and a patch will be available soon. Have you experienced any glitches?

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4 thoughts on “Some Users Are Experiencing A Game Freezing Bug In Freedom Planet”

  1. Luckily, I didn’t run into this glitch during this cutscene because I always save my games to an external hard drive, but I do hope this can be fixed for everone else.
    this game is perfect for Sonic fans waiting for the next big game, btw. well worth the money.

  2. Don’t mean to come across as “that” guy, but after so many delays I just eventually got the game on Steam. I love the game. It’s doing Sonic better than Sonic does these days. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. It’s a shame to hear that, even after all those delays, the game is having problems on the Nintendo platforms.

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