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Two Super Mario Maker Levels You Need To Play Now

There are thousands of Super Mario Maker levels every day, but every once and a while a few stages rise above the rest. This week, there are two notable ones that Mario lovers and challenge seekers may want to try out:

Welcome to the POW House:

This level takes the age-old POW block and uses it in different ways to navigate a ghost house. This is level design at its finest. If you want to test it out, you can find the level at: AFCC-0000-0090-9950.

P is for Pain

Meanwhile, P is for Pain really tests your skills. The stage is covered head to toe with spikes — the only way to get through is by jumping on the one-time-use P buttons. To try your hand, check the level at: 7FD3-0000-0095-698B.

Have you found any standout levels? Want to show off your own? Drop off your codes in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Two Super Mario Maker Levels You Need To Play Now”

  1. I’m working on several levels, but the level that is the hardest for me is definitely the don’t move level. They take SO LONG!! Everything has to be PERFECT, or else it doesn’t work. Will definitely be posting the code in the comments once I’m done.

    1. I making a level where you have to keep running through the entire level and never stop. It’s basically a “non-endless runner” level where you have to keep jumping at specific points (marked by different looking blocks to make it a tiny bit less trial-and-error). Hopefully, I’ll have it done by Saturday night, but I’ve been kinda busy lately soooooo… Probably not.

  2. I have 11 levels uploaded, but here are just a few of my creations:

    Straight Outta Thwompton (A Thwomp-filled SMW fortress)

    The Iceship (an icy SMB3 airship)

    The 7 Towers of Terror (A Mario U fortress with 7 towers of mayhem before the Bowser fight)

    Ice Cold Boos (a “dizzy” Mario must make his way through an icy Mario U Ghost House)

  3. Here is three of my best levels that have the highest star rating!

    You Can Fly – Part 2
    A fun level which makes great use of the propeller hat.

    Do Not Enter – Part 2
    A haunted house full of treacherous traps!

    A Little Stroll With Ganondorf
    A quiet walk through and on the dark creepy village.

    Please play and star my levels, I’ll do the same for you!

  4. Here’s some of my most fun levels:

    Mario Kart: Bowser’s Air Castle
    Everything you’d expect from the title

    Severe Sewers
    Adventures in Piranha Plant infested sewers

    House of Trials
    Choose between 4 items for some unexpected challenges

    Springtime of Life & Death
    Sounds difficult but is in fact an autoplay level! Watch closely and you might even see your breakfast again after this wild ride

    And then there’s THIS:
    Raising the Bar
    Ridiculously hard and unforgiving level… not recommended for mortals

    Anyway, have fun!

  5. Hey everyone!

    These stages are not for beginners!! Good Luck!!

    Krazy Kastle = 5366-0000-003B-7803
    Ice Spike Cave = 332C-0000-0049-21A0
    Muncher Jumper = B16B-0000-009D-4EB8

    Good Luck!

  6. Please check out my levels and of you like them then please star.

    Mario Demolition (easy)

    The Curious Crystal Caverns

    Mad House 85′

    Koopas castle #3

    Super Mario World #1

    Koopas castle #2

    Koopas castle #1

    Cheep Cheep Lake

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  8. I shall play the levels you all have posted. In return, please play some of what I consider my best. The challenge of all of them is moderate.

    The Caves of Greed:

    Trouble in the Docking Bay:

    Bullets & Shells:

    Bowser Jr. Stole Your Mushrooms!

    Grannykoopa’s Haunted Basement:

    And it’s sequel,
    Grampykoopa’s Spooky Attic:

  9. These are what i consider my best ones: Please play and enjoy!!

    Flying Prop Practice

    Wily 1.

    Caped Crusader

    Wrong Way Labyrinth

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