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Shovel Knight Amiibo UK Release Date Delayed

If you live in the UK, your Shovel Knight amiibo is going to be coming a little later than expected. While the Shovel Knight amiibo was originally slated for a release on November 27, it seems that the figure will be coming December 4th instead. News comes from Amazon UK, after they changed the release day on Shovel Knights official listing. Are you affected by the delay?


6 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Amiibo UK Release Date Delayed”

  1. I hope like hell Shovel Knight makes it in SSB. I personally want him in, but also just to ruffle the feathers of the people who pointlessly don’t want him in. Any and all characters should be welcome, especially since it would give Nintendo a wider range of dlc, which benefits them.

    I also would like to see Knuckles make it in.

    1. I’m a fucking idiot if you think he deserves to be in, but I already knew I was a fucking idiot. There are so many classic characters to be in smash, some character that is barely 2 years old has no place. He doesn’t deserve to be in smash OR have an amiibo. I’m a trendy loser. Shovel knight is overrated, deal with it. I’m a gay bashing fucktard. Yea, it’s me bitch.

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