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Japan: Pokkén Tournament Being Pulled From Arcades Due To Unpopularity

Looks like in at least one arcade, Pokkén Tournament is being removed for not hitting specific benchmarks. The owner of a popular Japanese arcade has announced via their blog and Twitter that they will be removing Pokkén Tournament due to unpopularity. The tweets detail that the game isn’t producing enough income to net out the expense and the removal will come in early November. While the performance in one chain of arcades does not indicate the performance of Pokkén Tournament as a whole, one may wonder if the game is better suited for Western audiences.

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36 thoughts on “Japan: Pokkén Tournament Being Pulled From Arcades Due To Unpopularity”

    1. I don’t think it’s being pulled from one single arcade, but the arcades of an entire chain. Might be wrong, but that’s what I’m getting from the article and the linked reddit post.

      1. That’s not what the article is implying though. The game is only being pulled from one arcade at the moment not arcades of an entire chain. There’s no word yet on how good or bad the game is performing in other arcades. The misleading title may have lead you to believe otherwise

        1. No, it’s not the title. Direct quote from the article: “While the performance in one chain of arcades does not indicate the performance of Pokkén Tournament as a whole, …”
          But yes, I agree that it’s difficult to tell from this article alone whether it’s just one arcade or an entire arcade chain, as both wordings are being used, but after looking at the linked reddit post, it seems to me that it is indeed an entire chain.
          But again, it’s just how I understood it, no definite facts or anything.

          1. If I’m being blunt about my own writing, it is pretty unclear — seeing how I don’t read Japanese, I’m basing it off the Reddit source that dances between the two (sole arcade versus chains of arcades). I’m willing to bet, however, that this would hardly make Japanese press if it was just a singular, mom and pop arcade. Either it is substantial in size or a chain of arcades.

            But yes, I was intentionally vague. Sorry about that.

  1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

    ||One leads to two, two leads to four and four leads to eight, the inevitability of Nintendo’s fall is set……

  2. I see two possibilities with this, either Japanese people are holding of until the Wii U version or it’s gonna flop big time in Japan. I would say the latter unfortunately is more likely but who knows.

      1. Pokémon continuously sells millions upon millions in whatever market it’s in for the past few decades. It has single handedly made the 3DS the most dominant gaming device in the Japan and the most successful gaming device in the world. A portable Pokémon RPG game sells in Japan the way that the Grand Theft Auto games sell in the states and Europe. Japan even has dedicated events that’s based on Pokémon that gets attended by millions of Japanese fans so there’s no way that Japanese gamers are ” over ” Pokémon. It’s still very much a worldwide phenomenon

  3. Maybe it’s too “casual” for Japan? We know how they are when it comes to fighting games. I haven’t seen any gameplay myself, so I don’t know how it plays. This is interesting, nonetheless.

  4. The Japanese like Pokemon because of the rpg elements, and actually collecting Pokemon. Pokken tournament has neither mechanic. It’s just a fighting game. The Japanese dont like fighting games, and I honestly don’t blame them. I was never excited for this game.

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  8. I’m surprised that arcades even exist at all in this day and age. All I usually ever see are those grabber/claw machines (and other prize machines). Unless of course I actually go TO the arcade room at my local mall. The moment that home consoles became better than arcades was when I thought arcades would die out.

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  11. This is a really clickbaity name and a really weird way to distort what the actual news was about, and still tricked a bunch of people. It’s like that news about the house burning videogames.

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