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EU: Get A Free Monster Hunter 3DS Theme As Of Tomorrow

To celebrate Monster Hunter 4 shipping four million copies, fans in Europe will be able to download a free Monster Hunter 3DS theme as of tomorrow, October 23rd.

The theme can be downloaded for free up until October 30th when it will return back to normal price, so that gives you a week to take advantage of the offer.

You can see a preview of the theme in the Tweet below:


4 thoughts on “EU: Get A Free Monster Hunter 3DS Theme As Of Tomorrow”

  1. Dang, US only got a free Sonic Boom theme a long time ago… I’m not really willing to pay money to just personalize my system a tiny bit, but free themes would be nice…

    1. I know on PS4, practically every publisher gives out a free theme as a digital pre-order bonus. Maybe Nintendo can convince their publishers to do the same (especially since it means more sales on the eShop as opposed to a retailer)?

  2. Did Europe get the Weapons Gallery Theme that we got for free before the Summer? It would almost make a bit of sense if they got this one for free and we didn’t if they never got the Weapons Gallery.

    1. No, we didn’t get that one but the ones we have gotten for free here are Sonic Boom, the cat Mario show (easily the worst of the bunch) and a halloween black cat theme and these are pretty shitty in my opinion.

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