Here’s A Closer Look At The European Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Bundle


We have finally received a better look at the contents of the Xenoblade Chronicles X limited edition bundle for Europe. The item goes on sale on December 4th and includes a physical copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X, a SteelBook cover, a World Map poster, a Cover Art Poster and a Xenoblade Chronicles X Artbook. You can order it from the Nintendo UK Store or GAME. It will set you back £59.99.



  1. I just want the game hence why I bought a wii U in the first place. The rest I am not interested. I just hope the game will be as good as the first one (I know it won’t be better).

    1. If you’re an explorer like me, it is. Everything besides the story (and the soundtrack, probably, but taste has greater influence there) is better.

  2. I’m disappointed that downloaders don’t get a special offer. Even with Mario Maker they shipped me a copy of the artbook. Then exclusive green Yoshi happened. Got a blue one instead and then they announce a standalone green version. Bastards!!

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