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Kotaku: Super Nintendo And GameCube Feature In Best-Looking Video Game Consoles

Popular video game website Kotaku has put together a list of what they deem to be the best-looking video game consoles of all-time. It wouldn’t be a complete list if it didn’t mention some Nintendo platforms and it doesn’t disappoint. The publication has listed the GameCube along with the Super Nintendo (European and Japanese version) as two of the top ten best-looking consoles. Here’s what they had to say about both the GameCube and the Super Nintendo.



GameCube: The Nintendo GameCube was a tiny little box that played tiny little discs and had a tiny little handle so that tiny little hands could carry it with them to their friends houses and play the best Mario Kart game there ever was.


SNES: I’m not a fan of the North American Super Nintendo. It’s too…utilitarian. The version released in Europe, Australia and Japan, though, now that’s a pretty video game console.

I’ve always thought the SNES was a lot like the Mazda MX-5. Built in Japan a very long time ago, its restrained use of curves created a design that almost timeless, looking as good today as it did at release. A classic colour scheme (those buttons!) didn’t hurt, either.


35 thoughts on “Kotaku: Super Nintendo And GameCube Feature In Best-Looking Video Game Consoles”

  1. You know for once, I’m not going to disagree much here. I’m usually a little down on the Gamecube, not because I don’t think it’s great, but because I think it’s overrated in almost every regard by a large section of Nintendo fans. However, I have to say, it looks superb.

    I’m not sure about their choice of the Dreamcast – maybe my Dreamcast used to look great but it’s not a console that ages well! Then again, neither is the Wii, which I thought looked fantastic on launch day, but these days looks a little sad. I think it’s because both of them are quite light coloured, unfortunately they just end up looking a little dirty after years.

    On the other hand the Atari 2600 and the ZX Spectrum are both fantastic. And yes, I concede that the PS4 looks quite nice. So overall decent list Kotaku!

    1. The Gamecube and the SNES were great looking console’s with great comfortable controllers. There were some people who often complained about the Gamecube’s color and small size and weirdly shaped controller but I thought it was great that Nintendo tried to do something that was more different from their compeitors. The SNES however was a more clever simple design and the controller as we all know was very revolutionary

      1. Man, I have such great memories from the days when I first played Star Fox Assault, Luigi’s Mansion and both Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2.

          1. For whatever reason I only played Metroid Prime on the Wii. The same happened to RE4.

            When I decided to play Path of Radiance, it had been vanished from the shelves… And I’m not willing to give my money to scalpers… X(

            1. You played the superior version of those games, so don’t be sad about it. You didn’t really miss much.

              About Path of Radiance, it’s not worth it paying for an overpriced copy if you’re not collecting. Just pirate it. Gamecube emulation is a cakewalk this days.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>The Gamecube version of Echoes is far superior to the one in Wii because the Wii version got downgraded because of the useless cattle complaining>>>

                1. You mean the overall difficulty of the game? I only know about the Boost Guardian changes, were there any others?

                  I’d say that the improved controls are more than enough payoff, but that’s my opinion.


          THE WHITE,MUSTARD,GREEN gamecubes were fantastic to look at,i had the limited edition white cube with a white controller and a silver RE4 controller

          loved gamecube like all nintendo consoles it had a soul,that cute little box on the living room floor with its light on COOL AS F%$K

          PS2 LIKE PS4 IS SOULLESS AND TACKY LOOKING ps4 in the flesh is one CHEAP looking thing as was ps3 slim looked like a ASDA FREE VIEW BOX

          mastersystem both versions were cool looking as was dreamcast infact its just hit me how snes looking the dreamcast was

          nes was fugly artari awful looked like the dashboard of a 70s car

          NX something between N64 and snes would look great



        2. SNES and GameCube was THE SHIT (in a good sense BTW). :3 Many memorable games that are fun and visually pleasing. But mostly fun and challenging; just the way all gaming should be.

        3. I miss those days when the consoles (and the games!) were colorful. Look at the GCN: it’s a timeless classic, no matter which color you choose! I remember of black, orange, red, silver and purple.

          Did we have a white one as well?

        4. To be fair I think that the WII looked the best. If you see official photos of the WII , she stands there with her mighty apperance,Like skyscrapers.(Looked that way cuz the photos were taken with the camera lower than the console) The WII was just sayin’ nobody is touching me in this ”war”. and above that it just looked slick and beautiful

          here an example:

          1. I think we can more or less agree that the Wii was one of the best looking Nintendo consoles while the N64 was one of the worst.

            And personally, I find the SNES console (not the gamepad) to be quite ugly.

            1. Same , but I think that the Wii design was just the most beautiful ever , with PS4 coming close 2nd. I’m not a fan of the way how the older consoles looked (I wasnt born yet XD my first own console was wii although I played on the PS1/PS2 of my brother) and the WiiU is just plain mediocre same with all the Xbox consoles. And Gamecube was special.

              1. I pretty much agree with everything you said. I think the PlayStation line is beautiful (although I didn’t care much for 3’s design) and that Nintendo’s handhelds are all great looking hardware (with the exception of the Game Boy Pocket).

        5. I don’t know why so many people complains about the design of the North American Super NES? I happen to like it (aside from the bad coloring that some of them does from aging). However, I also like the European and Japanese design as well. The Gamecube is definitely #1 for design. I LOVE the Gamecube in every way. So cute, and so well made.

        6. Some odd choices on there. Gamecube was gorgeous and the SNES at the time was beautiful. Still will never understand that choice for the NA SNES.
          The PS4 taking top is about right. Simplistic, retro and stylish all in one

        7. Next console should seriously be the:
          Super Game Cube.
          I mean com’on! Every gen got a successor/sequel.
          NES;Super NES
          All Except for N64 and GC. One would assume that the GC was the successor/sequel to N64 but If you think about it– it isn’t [for the most part]. That console was named to emphasize the 64 bit graphical capabilities… So if there were a direct sequel to that… then what?
          Super N64 ?
          N480P ? xD… Also, Due to the technological leap, the concepts would have not matched… as the N64 used cartridges and the GC used disks.
          The GC was such a great console… Not too kiddy, had cool innovative features/addons, great connect-ability, no major gimmicks, and it wasn’t embarrassing to say in a sentence! It was Under-rated at the time and now ,ironically, publicly seen as over-rated. But Over-rated or not, it really deserves a second chance.

        8. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          I fucking miss the Gamecube’s awesome design. In my opinion, it was the best looking Nintendo home console ever made, especially in indigo or platinum/silver. Oh & the main menu music of the Gamecube was pretty nice to listen to right before starting up a game. *sigh*

        9. I remember the GCN being derogatorily called a “lunchbox”. & of course, the ‘indigo’ color didn’t sit too well w/ the macho gamers. Sure, there was also black, & eventually silver in the U.S. (where’s my gold?), but indigo was Nintendo’s show color. Still have my indigo, bought w/ my some of my graduation money (a more advanced education, it was).

          Glad it made the list, though Kotaku’s use of the word “little” sounds derogatory in my head. But hey, those “kiddies” were Evil Residents, 7 were Killers, some were Warriors Within, a few sat on 2 Thrones, & they were Dead to Rights. All were Prime & Twilight Princesses. Simply put: Viewtiful.

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