Bargain: GameStop Is Selling Bayonetta 2 With Bayonetta 1 Wii U For $35

US retailer GameStop is currently selling Bayonetta 2, which includes the original Bayonetta, for the excellent price of $35. Both of these action packed games by Platinum Games are highly regarded. You probably remember that Bayonetta 2 was nominated in numerous Game of the Year 2014 awards. It also has a Metacritic score of 91, which is certainly nothing to be sniffed at.


  1. I already grabbed this game when it was $30 on Black Friday, although it is definitely worth the $60, especially when it includes the first game!

  2. This is the deal, baby! The best Wii U title as of yet for 35 bucks.

    Having said that, when I saw the picture, I thought Bayonetta 3 was in the works. My heart almost stopped… :o

  3. I already have them both. I even have their soundtracks.

    My smartphone ringtone is “One of a Kind”.

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