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Nintendo Direct Will Take A New Format Next Year

Following on from the more than welcome announcement that Nintendo Direct’s are returning, and that one is scheduled for this year, The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki has tweeted that they are being remodelled and a new format is coming in 2016. The news was announced via Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima. What would you like to see in a revamped version?

Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and Paidenthusiast

44 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Will Take A New Format Next Year”

  1. To be honest the actual format was good as it is, the presentation was clear and gave enough information and visuals of the incoming games without revealing too much.
    I’m not sure what they want to improve, but hey, we’ll see.

    1. Maybe just trying to overhaul everything to differing degrees so to start anew in all phases… “Cleaning house” so to speak, although there haven’t been any firings really. Loosk to just be altering what is already there

    2. Nintendo always presented it’s brand as very kid friendly (sometimes a little too much in my opinion). The way they advertise their games makes it seem as if its targeted soecifically at very young kids. In a perfect world that should not be a problem but in reality it does put off a lot of so-called “mature” gamers (they annoy me so much). I think Nintendo’s new president should try and find a nice middle ground for the company’s image. Revamp the marketing campaign, Nintendo Directs and especially the Nintendo Treehouse. Even for me as a huge Nintendo fan, the Nintendo Treehouse presentations at E3 drives me crazy. Those chicks that Nintendo put to show off their games makes them seem like they’re for 5 year old girls that play with barbie which we all know is not true.

      1. I don’t think those are the things they are changing. I think it well just use local teams for local content. And I think they well have more frequent updates. As well as include a highlight from third party developers. In other words if your in the US Bill trinin and Reggie well host the local directs. I have a feeling this years direct well adress the changes, round out this years content. Vegaly talk about next years plans. Formaly introduce New president. But I have a feeling they well show off quality of life products at CES in 2016

      1. I would love that actually. That was one of my favorite parts of E3 2014, we got most of the game announcements straight from the developers! Also, it would be something like live Iwata Asks.

        Just without Iwata. Dammit.

            1. What an incredibly stupid post. The format of the presentation has nothing to do with Iwata. We’ve had Directs with lots of other people before. Shibata, Bill, Reggie, even Kamiya. Did your brain black out before typing that or were you just looking for an excuse to namedrop Iwata and try to fish for cheap melodrama?

                            1. Yeah, try to deviate attention from the fact that your post was nothing more than an echo-chamber.

                              “Deal with it”
                              I’m not the one crying over Iwata’s corpse.

                                                  1. Sounds interesting. Nothing wrong with change so long as it’s benefits the company on a large scale. Maybe Nintendo is tired of being treated like the redhead stepchild by the gaming media and they want respect. I can’t wait to see what the change will be

                                                    1. I don’t think it well be all that different, I think they well be more frequent and scheduled. And use local hosts for local content. In other words Reggie and bill well host US directs. Also I think we well see more indie and AAA developers talk about their games

                                                  2. so the nintendo direct will start next year well i guess that works too we got much time on waiting on games next year.

                                                    1. No they actually announced that at least one Direct will be coming this year. Like DukePassMasters said, I think it’ll be coming in November

                                                    2. I can imagine….
                                                      Directs won’t be that same without our banana-loving Iwata-san.
                                                      It only makes sense they’ll change it up to make up for it. °^°”

                                                      As long as they make a tribute to Iwata in the next one, I’m happy.

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