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New Luna Blaster Neo & H-3 Nozzlenose Coming To Splatoon Tonight

Good news for Splatoon owners as we are soon going to get our hands on some devastating new weapons. The two new weapons being introduced are the New Luna Blaster Neo & H-3 Nozzlenose and they will become available tonight in North America and presumably Europe tomorrow. You can check out some screens of the weapons in action in the video above courtesy of GameXplain.

Thanks, Agent 5 of squidbeak

6 thoughts on “New Luna Blaster Neo & H-3 Nozzlenose Coming To Splatoon Tonight”

  1. at least i have a reason to play splatoon this weekend because a next splatfest isn’t going to happen (in Europa)

  2. Kinda bored of Splatoon, especially the Ranked playlists. Turf War is the most fun, but it sucks you can’t do Turf War as a squad. It makes no sense to me why they’d limit squads to just playing ranked.

    It seems like a simple request that I’d like to play Turf War with friends AND stay on the same team. It’s not much fun getting switched around all the time. Maybe they’ll update that someday, but I won’t get my hopes up!

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