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Pachter Has Some Strong Words To Say About Nintendo’s Mobile Game Miitomo

It would’t be a Nintendo reveal without some choice words from everyone’s favourite video game analyst Michael Pachter. This time he has weighed in on Nintendo’s first mobile title Miitomo which is coming next March on mobile platforms. Pachter clearly isn’t impressed about what’s been revealed so far.

“I think this is a disaster. This is not a game. It’s a social network concept. Facebook is a robust social network. I don’t need Nintendo to give me a cartoon version of myself that allows me to interact with my friends. …Facebook already dominates everybody who has social interactions. How the hell is Nintendo going to substitute for that? My friends who care know what I’m interested in—and the ones who don’t know aren’t interested. I think a lot of the appeal of the concept that Nintendo was going to enter the mobile market was attributable to a misperception that Nintendo would take its library of content and move it onto the mobile platform. It doesn’t look like they have any intention of doing that.”

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145 thoughts on “Pachter Has Some Strong Words To Say About Nintendo’s Mobile Game Miitomo”

  1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot

    Oh yay! I could hardly wait until everyone’s favorite analyst spouted his opinion into our faces.

    1. Except for once he’s actually right. Although Nintendo taking its “library of content and [moving] it onto the mobile platform” is stupid. Hasn’t he ever heard of an emulator? This is a no brainer. Make fun mobile games using established Nindendo IPs. Done.

      1. Nah, he’s still wrong.
        People thought Tomodachi Life was a stupid facebook rip-off at first too.
        It went on to out-sell Ocarina of Time 3D.

        This isn’t aimed at face-book users.
        It’s aimed at new-gen young gamers that want something interesting and fun on their phones that isn’t just another puzzle game.

        1. This is Nintendo ignoring what people want and giving them what they didn’t ask for. Points for trying to innovate, but it doesn’t hurt to just give the masses what they’re clamoring for now and again. Seeing established Nintendo IPs on tablets and smartphones is what investors and fans both wanted and expected. This is more proof that Nintendo is completely out of touch with today’s market, and it’s strike two after this year’s E3.

          Honestly, can you think of one other company that is as oblivious to its core fans as Nintendo? I can’t. The Wii U, as far as I can tell, is pretty much exclusively marketed to families, probably the most indifferent and unloyal demographic there is. And they wonder why they’ve only sold 10 mil. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s diehard fans aren’t even on its radar anymore. Micro$hit doesn’t treat it’s fans like this. Sony certainly doesn’t. Where does Nintendo get off doing it? There are a handful of great games on the Wii U, but honestly, I think it’s my last Nintendo console. If the NX isn’t a major departure from the Wii/Wii U, then count me out.

          1. No, you’ve got it wrong.
            “Seeing established Nintendo IPs on tablets and smartphones is what investors and fans both wanted and expected.”
            Are you even listening to yourself right now?XD

            No, ACTUAL NINTENDO FANS did NOT want Nintendo selling out their IP’s as mobile phone apps.
            ACTUAL FANS know and appreciate why games like Super Mario Bros are not being put on phones.
            Because they are not phone games.
            They are CONSOLE GAMES.

            And as for the investors, do you know why THEY wanted to see games like the original Super Mario Bros on their phones?
            Because they dreamed of being able to CHARGE PEOPLE TO MAKE MARIO JUMP HIGHER.
            I’m not just putting that out as a hypothetical scenario; ONE OF THE INVESTORS ACTUALLY PUT THAT FORTH AS A “GREAT IDEA” IN A MEETING A WHILE BACK.

            Nintendo isn’t out-of-touch with its fans.
            Disenchanted non-fans are out-of-touch with Nintendo.

            No one with an opinion worth listening to, no one that actually CARES about Nintendo surviving without compromising what makes their games special, actually wants Nintendo to devalue their brands by letting investors cram older games onto phones.

            Anyone telling you otherwise is delusional.

            And if you think the Wii U is marketed exclusively to families, then that just PROVES that you don’t know what you’re talking about when you try to talk about the Wii U’s library of great games that everyone, CORE GAMERS ESPECIALLY, can and do enjoy.

            Being unpopular and not selling as high as it deserves to, is a result of bad marketing, not a bad library.

            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

              Such a typical Nintendo fanboy bullshit defense: “Nintendo isn’t out of touch! It’s the children who are wrong!” Whatever you say, bub.

                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                  From the impression I got, you don’t think Nintendo is out of touch at all which is just not true and those complaining aren’t even real Nintendo fans. *shrugs at the kid insult since I am guilty of using it myself*

                  1. I’ve readily agreed to those saying Nintendo has a lot of catching up to do.
                    I just disagree with the ones that say Nintendo is completely out of touch with current day gamers.

                    If that were true, then they wouldn’t be putting online multiplayer in an increasing amount of their own games, let alone be planning the new account system to be easily linked up to social media like Facebook and Google Plus.

                    Nintendo’s slow to adapt, but they aren’t clueless.

            2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

              You did say some smart things, though. But it doesn’t change the fact there are some Nintendo fans, even if it’s a small group and a small group doesn’t make them any less Nintendo fans, that would have liked to play old school NES games on their phones.

              1. Those few have either already gotten a handheld version or relied on an emulator.[or didn’t, if they were morally against piracy]

                Sacrificing the integrity of the brands for a small group isn’t going to help Nintendo in the long term.

    2. To be honest, I haven’t been following MyNintendoNews etc at all, still got almost all the news somehow and on time but I haven’t read about ANYthing from Patcher in all that time.

      The author of this site could just not include his stuff, like many others do. Just because he can open his mouth, it doesn’t mean anything. People who listen make it matter. And people who comment here make it matter.

      Spouting hate is enhancing his popularity.

      I will now go back to reading these news and not commenting on them

    1. Maybe we have only see some screenshot’s so who know how good or bad this is you can not really judge a game with just some screenshot’s

      1. Yeah, I hope it ends up being fun. I just don’t expect it to be. But even if it’s a failure, I don’t see it being a disaster. That’s a little extreme of this pachter guy to say.

        1. If that were true, then they would have said so. There was a lot riding on this announcement, and they didn’t deliver.

    2. idk, its looks like its going to be like tomadochi life, and that was very popular. granted its not something I’m going to be counting the days for. but then again I dont care for call of duty either.

        1. Because that’s a game for a hand-held, not a phone, and Nintendo wants to draw a clear line between their console and mobile experiences.

          They’ve explained this more than once already.

          Only idiots, at this point, are expecting them to do something as stupid as compromise their console games by putting them on phones.

          1. And did that stop Pokemon Shuffle from being ported? Nope. If they do expand their IPs to PC/Mobile better than that shit they just revealed, think of the possibility of raising much money but ditch the BS Microtransactions permanently.

            How would mobile compromise their consoles if their handheld is already compromised and that they already compromised their home consoles themselves by lying to their fanbase while betraying the hardcore audiences multiple times for more than a decade? Face facts; they’re finished due to themselves of their arrogance.

            1. Pokemon Shuffle is a different case; it was a light puzzle game developed for phones and mobile.

              Super Mario Bros was not.

              Face facts; Mario wasn’t built for mobile, nor were most of Nintendo’s older games.

              Only idiots feel betrayed after all the work Nintendo has put in to continue supporting the Wii U and 3DS even after haters like you told them they should quit and go full mobile.

              1. Nope. It’s on Nintendo console first and then ported over or do you need a reminder of how it went down?

                Mario isn’t for mobile but if they expect to expand their business and outreach, making or porting a game over that isn’t welcomed on consoles anymore would be a good way to start, not this crappy Tomodachi Life nonsense.

                Excuse me but only idiots feel betrayed? Over not stopping support on consoles? No motherfucker it’s the opposite of that fact. They’re not supporting their hardcore audience anymore even after all those years of lies. Last E3 proved that and now NX will do that again and hopefully wake your ass up from their delusions of supporting “hardcore” when they only answer to fucking Japanese kids living 10 feet from each other and not embracing online or understanding the demographics outside of their damn country.

                They should quit the console business of those fuckers ain’t gonna do it right anymore. Maybe Sega might make a comeback after they’re done or Apple/Steam could step in.

                1. Yeah, that’s bullshit.
                  They brought over Maiden of Black Water despite it being niche, supported Bayonetta 2 when no one else wanted to, Mario is still VERY MUCH WANTED on their consoles [or have you forgotten that Mario Kart 8 sold to over half the install base, something no other game in this gen can boast?] gave Devil’s Third the okay despite it being loaded down with mistakes because it expands the diversity of their line-up, supported indies more and more strongly, and quite a few other things that you’ve apparently forgotten about completely, because E3 of this year gave you an excuse to become a hater.
                  NO ONE liked their E3 this year, but you’ve gotta be one of the DUMBEST people alive to think that one E3 was all it took to prove they’re not doing anything for their fans or for core gamers anymore.

                  Quitting consoles would be a stupid move for them.
                  It killed Sega to quit supporting a console early, and it would just as quickly kill Nintendo, which is why they’ve stated, REPEATEDLY, that they won’t be doing so, and have continued encouraging people to get the system despite the NX being due in 2017.

                  We’re done here.

                  1. You make it sound like MK8 did well than most when it basically and barely outpaced Super Circuit’s sales which is less than 5 million, by saying it sold half of the system sold…umm, it only did 10 million in near 3 years so far so like I said, it barely outsold GBA Mario Kart which is the least sold game of the series and probably the worst one because GBA sold more than 10x of Super Circuit’s sales rate.

                    Bayonetta 2 should’ve been more appreciated by fans because nobody but Nintendo gave a crap about the game and shouldn’t shame it because it’s Nintendo’s exclusive.

                    Devil’s Third or Devil’s Turd because nobody cares for that game anymore and the director overhyped that crap while talking shit about others hating it over lack of gameplay experience which BTW keep bitching about “revolutionizing” it when it’s just another TPS/Slasher I’ve seen dozens of times already.

                    Ass, you seriously were asleep at E3 when they revealed NOTHING BUT GARBAGE and then turned a few hyped games like Metroid and Animal Crossing into fucking party favors instead of their elevated core versions of themselves and on top of that, delayed two more hyped games into next year hinting the possibility of ending up on NX leaving remaining blind Wii U fuckhead supporters in the dust (Zelda and Star Fox 64 HD; not Zero or even a new game) Now they’re saying NX targets KIDS…let that sink in for a moment…KIDS/CASUALS, not hardcore anymore. They said that for Wii U which became a lie and now they’re no longer mentioning it so wake up and not smell the BS roses of theirs.

                    Sega quit consoles because they fucked up from Genesis by making too many of the same consoles making fans feel scammed that they didn’t take chances with the Dreamcast which is where Sega learned their lessons a little too late. Now NX is probably gonna be that same case now because Wii U is the same deja vu of Genesis; an add on of Wii like most said/think of Wii U so it’s not just its name and that forced Gamepad controller that every targeted child audience has a bitch of a time holding while also using.

                    Whether NX is decent or not, if it’s not ready to complete the inevitable PS5 when it comes and destroys the system in specs department, it’s over quickly for NX when the 3rd party starts leaving their ass for others yet again. Fuck Metroid or F-Zero if it ever returns to full proper glory, it’s done.

                    1. It went over 5M and is approaching 6.
                      So yeah, that’s a lot better than Super Circuit, and it’s gotten better reception too due to the really well done DLC packs.

                      The ironic thing about Bayonetta 2 is that Nintendo fans cared more about it than Non-Nintendo fans.
                      You can tell, because the non-fans not only didn’t get a Wii U for it, they went ahead and vocally protested against its very existence, solely due to being on a Nintendo console.
                      If anyone “shamed it”, it was the jerks that cared more about the system it was on than the game itself.

                      And anyone who only focused on the bad of E3 never really cared about what was on offer in the first place: The only really bad things were AC and Federation force. The rest was decent.
                      Nintendo hasn’t said jack about the NX being kids-focused; they said they want to reach kids as well, which isn’t the same thing.

                      Sega abandoned their consoles too early; Nintendo has stated more than once that they don’t intend on abandoning the Wii U.
                      The bitching about the game pad is irrelevant; there were, and still are, plenty of great games on there that all ages could enjoy, pad or no pad, and the complaints about it being hard to hold for so many people are over-exaggerated and ludicrous.

                      Calling it done before it’s even hit the market is a fool’s errand.

                      1. Like I already said, barely passed SC’s sales which it ain’t special, not like 64, Double Dash, DS, MK7, Wii’s insanely high sales or even the GP arcades. DLCs, as admitted, is well done compare to most but Battle Mode is fucked over which is why I prefer MK7 afterwards.

                        Those Bayonetta 2 nay sayers have no warrant to complain shit because only 2.3 million of those fools out of 120+ million PS3/360 combined barely gave a damn about the game, never asked for a sequel except a few but many didn’t want to make it or fund it EXCEPT Nintendo so they should’ve been more grateful to see Bayonetta continue after its apparent absence.

                        AC and FF is not the only huge shit-on towards once fans like me, they didn’t mention shit for Zelda which they went against their own words (again) that they wouldn’t speak about 2016 offerings which not only they did it without hinting anything about Zelda besides the fucked up delay that broke their empty 2015 release promise while hunting that it’ll end up on NX, but most of the shit they showed for 2016 are not even interesting nor usual. The ONLY decent E3 showing was Mario & Luigi 5 with Paper Mario crossover but when I look at it the second time, it’s nothing more than an apologetic excuse to make us forget about that crap Sticker Star while playing it safe by offering another Paper Mario by shoving him into another RPG series instead of another solo PM game (like Thousand Year Door) for Wii U that many hoped for or maybe a GameCube VC debut as Thousand Year Door for one of its first offerings. But nope, Nintendo put their retard caps on too tight and left it on years prior up to today to show how backwards they’ve become.

                        Sega, AGAIN, abandoned because of themselves fucking over their consumers in the past that cost their future sales/reception and the growing competition from Microsoft which shouldn’t have happened because Xbox is a pointless scam of a console when PC is sitting right next to them doing the same shit without BS fees and more/better performances and features.

                        I was once a fool like you thinking Gamepad was anything but a pointless add on of Wii/Wii U. But ultimately, I did found it pointless based on how Nintendo didn’t take it to another level with its shitty battery to pathetic wireless range that goes bad within less than 10 feet from the console to not making it a portable front for Wii U gameplay outside of home (lack of Internal/external storage) to Nintendo not fully utilizing the controller itself in their games to not emulating it for Wii games/Wii Mode to making it the sole point of operating the console instead of making it optional along with other controllers in case of an event of losing or damaging the controller which spells the permanent end of having/using that console since it’s beyond dependent to function it unless you have hundreds of dollars to ship and repair a $80 worth of plastic Fisherprice tablet ripoff. Yes, Gamepad is beyond forced and useless than fucking Kinect 1.0/2.0 which I once thought that the other way around. Still, Kinect is pointless and unnecessary too. What games can do clever things with the typical 3DS-like functions besides the usual Rayman/Splatoon excuse? Rayman’s Gamepad sections were never Gamepad-needed to play through because it’s only automated and played by touch/tilt..boring and easy since the character stops and waits for you to access platforms. Splatoon..oh this is a special one, since mostly kids play that, what are the chances that many have small hands to handle that big ass controller and wished for Pro Controller support especially for multiplayer? The ONLY game that I can think of that surprised me of full Gamepad use was Black Ops 2 when I discovered that you can play on the Gamepad with its hidden built-in sensor bar with Wii Remote; turning it into a secondary TV display which is genius on Treyarch’s part. Only Treyarch with Black Ops 2 impressed me of their work on Gamepad utilization. Ubisoft didn’t innovate shit, Activision alone didn’t innovate shit and sadly, Nintendo didn’t either. Everything the Gamepad could and can do, 3DS already does that and Nintendo could’ve used the 3DS as its own optional Gamepad itself while offering the Pro Controller as its primary and conventional controller like every other console out. They clearly fucked everything up without thinking ahead at all and you think that’s okay? LMAO

                        1. “I was once a fool like you”
                          You’re a fool beyond me.
                          One clearly lacking in sense and proper typing skills, since you can’t even seem to use the enter button on a damned keyboard.

                          MK8 has hit an attach rate that not even the 34M selling MK Wii managed on a 100M install base system full of casuals that much more easily adopt popular games that are easy to get into, and you think that’s not special? GTFO out of here.XD

                          Everything a conventional controller can do, the game pad can do just as well, if not better, outside of battery life.
                          Bitching about the game pad is really damned stupid at this point; it’s to the level of desperately scraping for a reason to hate on the system.

        1. he is not even a analyst I dont know how he ever got such credentials. but for him to be a analyst he would have to …..analyze things. this dick face just says what ever comes to mind

      1. Patcher, how did you became an analyst? what ground do you have to talk about games? I bet that I can say Echo Bazaar and you wouldn’t even understand what it is, heck I’m pretty sure you don’t even know or understand what has been going on in this industry during the last decade, you’ve been saying crazy stuff so often that whatever you say can be pretty much be taken the opposite way and that is what would happen.

        1. yea I mean pokemon go looks ok from what iv seen. but its like I have tried several games on my phone, they either suck, or they are boring and I stop playing cus I just dont see the point in using up my phones battery. now granted while I do have SOME PC games. what comes out of the windows store is better cus I can actually use a Xbox controller or at least a mouse and keyboard. (touch is nice but it only works so well with some things)
          I would much rather see them make apps, or mini games that bring people back to their gaming systems.

        2. That’s exactly how I feel. I don’t know what people were expecting, but this isn’t a terrible way for Nintendo to get into the mobile market. The app could be a good way to connect all of Nintendo’s future mobile projects. And with the current limitations to the Wii U’s friend list, this could be a good way to get to know friends you meet online. I have a few friends on Wii U that I’ve never talked to.

      2. Not everyone uses Facebook, moron. I happen to know quite a bit of people who don’t use it.

        Also, the Miis have proven to be a popular concept. People are going to be interested.

        1. Just to add to that, it’s also stupid to think that Nintendo’s first big mobile game would be something they could do just as easily on the Wii U or 3DS. They’re not going to compromise their game systems.

          1. Not really. This is a type of “game” that I don’t want to turn on my system and start up just to check it and turn it off again. This is the kinda “game” you check often for short periods of time. Perfect on a phone, and a nightmare on a console.

            1. “They just did”.
              By making a phone game for phones instead of a console game for phones?
              That’s not compromising.

              We get it; you hate Nintendo for all of their recent decisions.
              But that doesn’t justify the stuff you’ve been saying; no one expected a port of a console game unless they were hopelessly idiotic enough to expect Nintendo to dive head-on into mobile at the expense of their console games business.

              You were never going to get Super Mario Bros on mobile.
              No one was, and no one in the know expected it to turn out that way.

              Mobile games and hand-held games are two different worlds.
              Phones are made for quick experiences that you can check, play for a bit, then turn off to check for developments later, like the Pokemon App the Pokemon Company put up.

              Mobile was never meant to have Super mario Bros, especially since Nintendo’s investors would try to get Nintendo to put in microtransactions that would only further ruin the integrity of their brands.

              1. They might as well make a NSMB on mobile since they’re not wanted anymore on their consoles due to being “rehashes” since the DS so that would’ve been a great idea. Just make games that aren’t what they call “successful” on their consoles and put them on mobile as a substitute. They’re about to phase out of the handheld business just like Sony because of mobile’s takeover. All mobile needs is to get rid of IAPs being abused for scams on stupid people or make them illegal across the board but only allowed for content that expands the experience, not being absent intentionally *cough* EA! *cough* and that mobile needs a controller or a clever controller casing to attach to iPhone and such.

                1. Wouldn’t work, since NSMB is a console game, not a mobile game.
                  And let’s not start trying to play the “rehash” card when everyone else under the sun is starting to try and make their own games come out once every two years, if not annually.

                  1. It is a rehash because it’s been the same fucking game since DS, 2-3 times in a row with slightly differently build levels, kinda like CoD is. Or if they would’ve made a Mario Maker port for mobile, holy shit. That would help a lot to expand the audience outreach. Since it’s more of a social game of sharing levels without having multiplayer, it could fit.

              1. I’m waiting to watch Nintendo implode on their stupidity when NX FOR KIDS shows up and turns out to be a weak ass PS4 try hard waiting to get stomped by next gen home consoles in two short years by PS5.

      3. Nintendo has shown they can make interesting games about daily living tomodachi life was a big successes. Tomodachi Life w true social media hooks built-in has huge long-term potential. Miitomo is blueocean title it really doesn’t have anything to run against it. you have a loop where people will buy outfits. This has more potential then people think don’t let the look fool u

          1. The market investors want to put the original Mario Bros on phones, so they can get you to pay a few cents to get Mario to jump higher.
            F*** them, and F*** anyone who appreciates or supports their insanely stupid idea of what Nintendo should be putting on phones.

            The stocks dropping from not getting what they want just shows they aren’t people who care about the integrity of Nintendo’s games.
            I’d put bets down that most of them don’t even play Nintendo’s games, so it’s obvious they wouldn’t know anything about why slapping Mario on mobile without a care is a bad idea.

            1. Oh no. That is a stupid fucking idea if it were true. Just port all of the original game feels with no BS attached and watch millions of people buy that shit quick. Now those investors are getting stupid to think that’s acceptable.

      4. Sweet dude. Let’s judge Nintendo’s entire mobile game library based on a 20 second preview of the first game.

        Not defending the game at all. Looks really cheesy and I don’t really get why they decided to develop this either, but this quote,

        “…attributable to a misperception that Nintendo would take its library of content and move it onto the mobile platform. It doesn’t look like they have any intention of doing that.”

        is ridiculous. I know Pachter is respected by some as an analyst, but maybe sometimes he should reserve judgment until we know all the details, and we don’t. we know very very little.

        1. It’s not even a game fool and it’s not even close to Tomodachi Life or Miiverse. In fact, they could’ve done this for Wii U/3DS as a better Miiverse replacement since that feature has gone to shit at home. But nope. Offer this disappointment of a mobile cash in scheme for dumbass fans as their first outing into the mobile cesspool.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>You said you were done with the empire and hates the Mobile Infantry and you still linger here crying every day, hating on everyone that thinks 1% differently than you do>>>

            >>>Something tells me you still have the Wii U>>>




      6. You know I really hate Pachter but I have to agree to some extent. I was really disappointed with the reveal of this mobile app. If they want to utilize their social media routes then they should take advantage of their animal crossing IP. If the issue for them not revealing a IP is that it wasn’t far enough along to show any real concept then wait to reveal it! However, this doesn’t spell the end for Nintendo or some other BS that people say. I have confidence that the other 4 mobile apps or games or what have you will be amazing. Its just a matter of waiting for those games to get polished up. However, thus far I was a little disappointed with the app they showed. Only time will tell I guess.

        1. That Animal Crossing themed Mii Plaza from Wii U on mobile would’ve been a better start than this shit or port the fucking Miiverse app into it. But hey, we know how backwardly retarded Nintendo has become.

      7. This is therir only free to play mobile game out of the five, the other 4 will be pay to download. I expect this is there free social app, and the paid ones are their game apps, it just makes sense. Plus from the pictures im gonna download this and atleast try it day one. It looks very tomadachi life ish.

          1. And you know it will charge for standard features that the Mii creator has, how?
            Since when was Nintendo known for doing that?
            Jumping to a loooooot of conclusions due to your hate of this thing.

              1. That doesn’t prove that Nintendo is going to do that.
                Nor does Pokemon Shuffle.
                Nintendo isn’t known for pulling BS like charging for shit in new stuff that’s free and standard in older ones, especially when it’s something as tiny as Mii customization.

                1. Miimoto? Shuffle? The Mii Plaza in 3DS charging a max of $20 for 4 short mini games? Charging in Internet Browser for viewing mature content instead of just updating parental controls to block it when turned on? FUCKING AMIIBO’S are now used for unlocking tiny ass in-disc-locked content, $13-17 a pop?!

                  1. We don’t know how Miitomo is going to work yet.
                    Shuffle was designed for both phones and hand-helds.
                    Those four “short” minigames are anything but short, and I got them all for a lot less than $20.
                    I’ve never seen them charge for mature content. I quite frequently watch mature content on the browser, in fact.
                    And Amiibo’s work across multiple games rather than just one.
                    If they didn’t, then I’d agree with you, but their rewards extend well past their purchase price, and they aren’t so crucial that not buying them ruins the games they work with.

                    1. It’s watered down Tomodachi Life with Microtransactions.

                      Still, $15-20 is too steep for mini games that can be retailed $10 altogether.

                      Buy the New 3DS and view the web browser. You’ll see it. It may be $.75 to unlock but still, WTF would I pay for that if I wanna view mature content that I can do elsewhere without paying that BS fee?

                      Amiibo are expected to be used for further gameplay experience. Instead, it was only use in SSB4 as promotion plus for AI fighting when I can already do the same in the game’s CPU setting so that’s a waste for Amiibo and then the rest are just to unlock beyond minor contents that can be achieved by beating objectives in the game itself like they always have. Now they’re doing exactly what EA and mobile especially is doing: Getting fools to waste much money to unlock very minor content that means nothing significant for the gameplay or rewards at all. So congrats on getting fucked and brainwashed to think that AMIIBO’S are anything special. Do you see Disney and Activision pulling the same shit? Not exactly because you can actually play with your figurines a lot heavily in their games. WTF can’t Nintendo do that which is what it’s meant to do from the beginning instead of scamming the first few million dumbasses for locked in-disc content which is what people hated Capcom for. Fucking moronic hypocrites.

                      1. No, it’s really not.
                        Again, we don’t know enough about Miitomo to know what it will include.

                        Why would you bitch about .75?
                        First world problem, much? Too petty to even complain about, yet there you are, doing it anyways.

                        Amiibos aren’t MEANT to hold content that drastically affects the experience; they’re meant to hold small bonuses that are nice to have but not crucial to get the most out of your games, and since it spreads across multiple games, that’s just fine.
                        Also, that claim that you can do the same thing to CPU’s as you can with a fully trained Amiibo is a flat out lie; there’s even been a tournament where a well-trained Amiibo almost flat-out won the damned thing.
                        Saying you can make the regular CPU as good as an Amiibo is bullshit.

                        If anything, Disney and Activision are the worse option, because you literally CAN’T GET the full game WITHOUT PAYING FOR THE FIGURES.
                        At least with Amiibos, anything they offer can be earned through gameplay 99% of the time, and the remaining 1% is insignificant enough that you aren’t getting RIPPED OFF for not having the figures.

                        So yeah, no hypocrisy here.

                        1. It’s Tomodachi Life with Miiverse and unnecessary IAPs. That’s all and I’m only gonna repeat myself once on that.

                          Amiibo’s are like Capcom’s on-disc unlocking scheme. They’re not used for anything else but that so yes it’s now a scam. I never said they hold content you fool. They’re just useless collector’s item who’s value is gonna suck shortly after, they’re not even rare.

                          How are Disney/Activision are worse when that’s the fucking point of their games and that they do provide bundles for you moron?

                          I’m done here. Go be stupid elsewhere.

                          1. You can repeat yourself as many times as you like; it doesn’t make you right, because there aren’t enough details to determine that.
                            That’s what trolls do; make assumptions without enough info.

                            And Amiibos are the better option because you can play the games they work on WITHOUT BEING SUCKED DRY BY BUYING THE FIGURES.

                            How you can call Amiibos like Capcom’s on-disk crap instead of DI or Skylanders just shows that you’re more brainwashed than you accused me of being.

                            Take your own advice and be stupid with others who will accept your stupidity.
                            I hear your mirror is lonely, so try there first as usual. It’s practically the only thing that will look you in the eye when you spout such BS anyways.

                            1. If your illiterate ass can read many resources like I do, you wouldn’t be talking shit about me being a troll making shit up because the words of resources are clearly everywhere. Just read and think instead of acting as a white knight for a corporate stand.

                              Again, Amiibo’s aren’t used for gameplay moron so why say I can when all they do is collect dust and unlock minor content for $13-17 a pop? Can you play as the characters, even in Smash Bros.? No. Their just brainless AI figures meant to look pretty on your shelf for a while. Not one game is out there where you can literally play as one of the scanned characters which is what many thought would happen but didn’t. Disney/Activision’s versions you can actually play with them which is the point of those things and suppose to be the point of Amiibo’s which is why Nintendo stepped into that market to begin with.

                              The mirror comment? lol How desperately cliche are you?

                              1. Disney/Activision FORCE you to buy them just to use most of the content connected to the games.
                                Nintendo, does not.
                                Your argument is invalid until you realize that that’s a bigger rip-off, as is your claims of my comments being cliche when you can’t even pull those off with any effectiveness, let alone use sources right.

                  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                    Well they did say this free to play game will have microtransactions so Stranga could sadly be right. :/

                    1. Micro-transactions for clothing.
                      Something which the Mii’s didn’t have much of a variety of outside of Smash Bros.
                      I doubt Nintendo’s gonna do something as dumb as charge 5 cents for a new pair of eyebrows or something equally moronic.

            1. Hm….
              Welp, it’s not what we expected.
              But we barely got any details on it.
              So, as usual, Bitcher’s words go into the traaaaaasssshhhhh.

            2. He has a point. I mean Nintendo even already has a social playform in Miiverse, so this really is a relatively pointless endeavor. A phone rendition of Mario would have gone over better. It was almost expected. Such a weird first step into apps was a wrong decision right out of left field.

            3. I hate agreeing with him. The only thing I don’t agree with is his assumption that they’d put their library on mobile. No, it was already pretty clear Nintendo wouldn’t be porting games to mobile. But we expected a game at the very least, not a social network. Considering their achievement type system that gives you points is going to be associated with it I have a feeling people will use it to get those and then forget about it. You know there’ll be achievements like “Interact with 20 strangers!”, which will be easy to do. I think they’ll see downloads and think “yay, people like it” but won’t realize that people are just doing it to get points on their Nintendo Account (which is such a boring, bland, unoriginal name).

            4. Can’t this old fart understand the app/game wasn’t mean for him. His friends are like 50. Since when did most of them ever care about games, Nintendo or social apps. It’s just a derpy app made for fun, not to find yourself a fucking wife. And fuck Facebook. Takes up more of peoples’ time than it should.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Maybe he, Stranga and a few others need this considering they whine and cry a lot more than even human babies do>>>

                1. if he’s done with Nintendo, why the hell he’s still giving them attention?. my guess, he’ll jump in if the NX is a hit.
                  i never was hyped by the mobile game, i see most people said they do not care and they are the ones who have been crying because miitomo is not “what they were expecting”.
                  about pachter, facebook?… really? lolololol. the bias is strong with this one!. as i have said before, wait ’til the final product, so you will know if you’ll cry in laugther.

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            6. It is clearly an app geared at kids who might enjoy the anonymous social networking that I imagine connects to whatever orher miiverse crap some kids use. That part of what Nintendo does is pointless for me on that level. I don’t mind so far as an avatar/profile vehicle that is private and anonymous but im not exactly making virtual friends either and maybe some 10 uear old kid would do that instead of facebook. Or maybe a parent allows that type of social media interaction that miitomo provides and therefore gains countless young users who whether logical or not have phones and smart devices and it could be that market that detractors are missing and the other gaming company aren’t connecting with parents who keep their kids away from too much gaming or social media and there are lots of people like that. “The other half”

            7. The app is fine. It will allow your friends to see what games you own and play and allow for customization like maybe you have a house Animal Crossing style that you can furnish. That’s all it is. The actual games are obviously coming. He is a moron per usual

            8. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>You humans are so incredibly pathetic, the same ones getting upset and angry over this garbage and the entire Mobile Infantry unit, are the same ones bashing the Mobile Infantries all over the world all the time to begin with>>>

              >>>You are the useless cattle you were created to be because you don’t know what you want>>>

            9. Will you stop reporting on anything that this guy says? He’s as credible of an analyst as I am. What if I said that Pachter is a Grade A moron, and his opinions on Nintendo and everything, are irrelevant? Would that warrant me getting my own article, because I have mentioned Nintendo?

            10. I think patcher is right in this regard.
              People are missing the point that this is not a game nor a sim like Tomodachi Collection/Life

              Mii’s cannot fed, have a whacky adventure, get married, get in a relationship, get childeren, change outfits as frequent nor do any of the stuff you would see in Tomodachi Life/Collection.

              Instead this game is about you trying to have a good contact with your friends. Let’s say you have a friend but you find it hard to have a conversation with, the mii’s will help as a partner that is trying to set up an easyier way to converse with that person by asking other mii’s (of your friends of course) what they like, dislike, interest them or not and what you have in common with your friend. In that way you can make it safe for yourself to start a chat with your friend without having an awkward moment. THIS IS WHAT THE APP DOES, NOTHING LESS OR MORE.

              And saying a thing like it is going to be a disaster is a pretty good statement.
              This is one of Iwata’s creatons for the QOL programme that we all thought never to see. But it really is because you are doing something for yourself inorder to feel satisfied with you and your friends. And that is not what people think Nintendo does. I mean since when is it important that you should be attached to your friends as said by Nintendo…WELL ONCE but that was only with a game like triforce heroes. But i meant even more back. Nintendo is about games because it is a video game company.

              And this app will be a missunderstanding for thouzands of people around the globe who thought: THIS IS TOMODACHI LIFE ON THE FUCKING GO BRO.
              when really it is about you getting to know your friends better. And that will leave a huge mark on their head for the people who are already blinded by what is going on right now.

              hell the name says it: MiiTomo
              Mii = mii
              miit = meet
              tomo = friend

              meet friend.


            11. I can almost understand Mr. Patcher’s disappointment, but I cannot believe that he (or anyone) ever expected Nintendo to move their library of content and move it to mobile… There is no way most of those games will be fun on a touchscreen phone!
              I was always expecting social games (like Miitomo) or separate games that maybe would use Nintendo franchises as a theme (like Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros). Not Mario 3D World!

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