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Nintendo Explains Why Smartphone Title Miitomo Was Delayed


Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima says that the reason behind the delay of their first smartphone title Miitomo is simply because they need to promote the idea behind the unique title. He says they are currently busy promoting their console and handheld titles for the holiday season at the moment. Mr Miyamoto also revealed that DeNA will focus on operation of the games while Nintendo will focus on game design.

On the reason for the delay of the smartphone app, Mr. Kimishima says, is the need for more lead time to fully promote and explain Miitomo. The company is busy promoting other titles in the pipeline right now, he says. It will start promoting Miitomo after the year-end holiday season. Says this will have little impact on earnings.

Curious about how the DeNA and Nintendo partnership is going. Senior Managing Director Shigeru Miyamoto says DeNA will focus on operation of the games. Which suggests game design is all Nintendo.


29 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why Smartphone Title Miitomo Was Delayed”

    1. Yup tomo is basically “friend” in jp so, “MiiFriend”.
      But This looks very generic and unappealing though. I’m not sure if the public eye still sees Miis relevant… Not only that but the name is unappealing (wont be understood by most)… it wont exactly pierce the ear of mobile consumers. :/

        1. Agreed. I can see the potential behind the idea, but a successful execution is complicated.

          Right now we don’t really have much details of the ‘game’ aspect of it, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

            1. There will most likely always be several games I want on Nintendo consoles and of course I have other systems and still want several other systems and a lot of games on those systems

          1. When Nintendo first created the “Mii” avatars with the release of the Wii console, I thought they were a good idea, but kind of limited and semi ugly, though briliantly simple and distinctive at the same time.

            They look REALLY old and outdated now. They looked rough from the start.

            While Nintendo needs to drop the “Wii” branding like the trash it is, asap, I think they have a good thing with “Mii” … but it DESPERATELY needs an update.

            Come On Nintendo … create “Mii 2.0” already.

            Facial Features that don’t float off the face and look good from side angles in 3d would be a good start. Ears are desperately needed as well. More personalization would be good too. Maybe a second Favorite color, allowing for combinations (like sports team colors), or curious things like favorite shape. Applying a personality type to Mii 2.0s would be nice too.

            Seriously … the Miis are WAAAAY overdue for an overhaul and update.

              1. Oh my god. This is going to be a disaster. For one thing, there is no fucking holiday lineup to promote! For another, this game looks like shit. And the name is shit. I thought they were done trying to cash in on this Mii garbage.

              2. WTF is this? It’s not even a “mobile game”. And Nintendo still disappoints like saying NX targets “kids” instead of the hardcore they once promised..just like Wii U. Care to quit these casual lying motherfuckers now people?

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