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Nintendo Shares Now Down 7.5% After Mobile Reveal

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that shares in Nintendo are now currently down 7.5% after they revealed their first smartphone title Miitomo. The company also revealed that they won’t have it out by the this year as they are busy promoting their Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles. Instead it will launch in March next year.


42 thoughts on “Nintendo Shares Now Down 7.5% After Mobile Reveal”

  1. Is anybody surprised? People expected something interesting, instead they got a Miiverse redux.
    How fucking hard is it to understand that they only need to port a bunch of fucking NES games?

  2. Miitomo….are you kidding me. And Nintendo saying NX will be trying to reach more “kids”. I was getting excited for Nintendos future but now not so much. Nintendo, please don’t screw up again.

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Sad, really. They can’t do one major thing without sacrificing the other. Take the last two consoles, for example. They went with gimmick but sacrificed power. I’m starting to wonder if Nintendo can even handle doing two major things at once these days.

  3. This article mentions that Miitomo and other games are being delayed to next year, which is DEFINITELY the reason investors chose not to invest in Nintendo, they want INSTANT gratification. But you, me, EVERYONE who’s a Nintendo fan KNOWS that shit is about to get REAL, have a little patience, Nintendo’s role in mobile gaming is going to revolutionize the market. I mean, how can they not expect this? Investors maybe shouldn’t invest in them right this second, but come next year, investing in Nintendo is the RIGHT idea.

    …Though, this is just coming from some guy who’s knows nothing about the investment market.. I think I just wanna see Nintendo do well again. But I’m sure they will, they have IPs that are more recognizable than certain Disney icons.

        1. Agreed. I personally felt 2014 was amazing. The only good thing about this year is Majora’s Mask, Splatoon, and Mario Maker… Maybe the N64 and DS Wii U virtual console announcement… Apart from that, I can’t really see anything else TBH.

    1. Actually, assuming things do pick up in 2016, right now is probably the perfect time to invest in Nintendo. Nintendo is one of the companies I watch in the market. Prices just plumeted because of a knee jerk reaction. They should pick back up shortly.

      1. No, investing right now would be stupid (no offense ). Stupid, because of the damn delays//there’s nothing coming this holiday, which means you wont make up or profit what you spent as a share holder. Investing after this holiday or closer to big releases would be ideal, in Nintendo’s current case.

        1. It wouldn’t be stupid. Like I said, I watch Nintendo stock. Typically it hovers around $23-$25. It just dropped to about $21.50 due to a knee-jerk reaction. It would be better to buy it now while the price is lower. I expect it will be back to normal after Christmas, if not higher. Even if you have to wait a year to make a real profit, there’s no harm in letting your money sit for a while. Assuming Nintendo has a good future (and it sounds like they will) now would be a good time to buy.

          1. True, but the statistics of holders dropping speaks for it self, they know theres nothing for the remainder of the year. I guess it’s a bit of a gamble, buy cheap now get nothing for a couple of months or buy at a cost-y price next year and get something faster.

            1. I suppose if there were other investment opportunities you wanted to get into immediately, it might be better to wait. Big time investors typically focus on stock that they expect to get a relatively immediate return from. For casual investors it’s often safer to consider long-term. You’re probably right about there being nothing big for the rest of the year. We’ve been promised at least one more Nintendo Direct but I doubt the news from it will be anything Earth-shattering. Personally, I don’t expect any big news until E3.

      1. I don’t think people were hyped for a smart phone game, I just think people were actually expecting a game. Miitomo is not a game. It’s a social experiment, sorta like facebook lite with avatars.

        And Nintendo is still holding on to the Wii. Your first smart phone game and you use Mii’s as the focal point? Come on, that’s BS. The Wii was created in 2006. It’s 2015, time to move on Nintendo.

        Nintendo has to move past the Wii, and everything related to it including Mii’s. The fact that Nintedo still considers Mii’s to be even remotely relevant is very disturbing. It tells me that they are spinning their tires.

  4. Considering the Miis aren’t an IP that most people care about it’s no surprise. Using characters from the Mario, Zelda or Pokemon series would’ve been their best bet for their first release. Miitomo looks more like a texting app, and why would I use that over the native texting app on my phone or Facebook Messenger? Not to mention you probably would be censored no matter who you’re talking to. Will probably check this out and delete it in a day like I do most mobile apps.

  5. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    How much does a piece of Nintendo stock cost exactly? So very tempted to buy it at cheap then sell it the next time the prices skyrocket.

    1. It’s at $21.60 at this moment on the American market. (NTDOY) It dropped from $24.36 when the game was announced. Now’s a good time to buy, assuming the NX and future reveals are well received.

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